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We've all seen some of those other sites; their 'blog' started about six weeks ago and has maybe 12 posts. 

Well, they've to start somewhere...


Here at the CoinMine, we've been analyzing things in quite a bit of detail for the past seventeen years; and we've been

spot-on more than a random roll of the dice would indicate. Since 2000!  Browse below through a few hundred pages of observations, picks, calls, diatribes, rants, and raves and mine your own nuggets.


SPOTLIGHT ON:  The mercury Mewl - The Internet's Favorite Demi-god



7.16.18     The Coming Plague/Meme - Sex Robot Addiction

Any interest going into business with me and start selling a 12 step process?

Maybe sell reservations before we get it fully ‘up’ and running?


Plenty of virgin ground here to hoe, and a marginally better than average way to harvest new material...


7.13.18     Another Masterpiece Discovered in a Basement






Moral of the story: Know what you have before you throw it away!


7.11.18     Gold Made my Price Target

Could still go lower, but I like some of the technical's so bought back some of the GLD I sold in May.

5.30.18     Looks like Gold is trying to make a 4th wave top here

before selling off again. Buying @1245 later in the summer could pose a nice entry....

7.5.18     Facebook Determines that Declaration of Independence is Hate Speech

That, in a nutshell, summarized what facebook is all about (and the true desire of those who want to use 'hate speech' as a means to deny YOUR rights won by birth and blood).




7.4.18     Back from Vacation

Happy Independence Day to All


6.11.18     Sweden tries walking back ‘cashless society’


Experiment backfiring…


6.6.18     Current Commitment of Traders Report for Commodities



6.5.18     Selling Something You Don't Own

Warren Buffet and the naked put option:




6.4.18     Demand for Currency on the Increase in Europe with Iceland Leading the Way




Increase in notes trading in Iceland makes a lot of sense. When you visit the Icelandic independence strikes you immediately. Naturally it takes and independent people to jail banking cabal members, as they did after the 2008 debacle.


Conversely, eliminating cash provides a tool of tyrants bent on tracking, and then controlling, every one of your financial (and then social) decisions.


6.3.18     Someone Sent Along this Banker Apologist Pablum


https://www.community-exchange.org/docs/what is money.htm


Interesting piece of propaganda. Note the year – 1913. The author served his masters in ‘banking law’ who would soon create the federal reserve and rob the American citizenry of their specie and replace with scrip debt. Mitchell the hack sought to prove his desired point, and still missed the mark.


He failed  to cite the bible, the most widely circulating book of the time, with ample applicable monetary references (might one suspect the monetary references in the old testament as apocrypha there is a wide body of substantiating secular corroboration and archeology evidence should one choose to look).


As far back as Genesis (23:16) the shekel is defined as a unit of standard silver weight passing as currency amongst honest merchants. By Samuel II (14:26) the royal treasury is already stamping the shekel as the government unit of trade whilst substituting a weight other than what previously traded.


Government manipulation of specie goes back thousands of years. Mitchell showed us, if anything, that the governments previous to 1913 were relatively honest compared to the frequent debasement of currency over the past 100 years.


Your dime, nickel, quarter, half and dollar all held silver in or after 1913; look at them now…



5.30.18     Looks like Gold is trying to make a 4th wave top here

before selling off again. Buying @1245 later in the summer could pose a nice entry....


5.29.18     Do the Millennials Really Vote their Dollar on Social Justice?

Lyft has recently garnered 35% of rideshare market. In part, Lyft has captured market share based on a significant series of missteps by Uber, with Uber holding a higher rank for social justice awareness. Pollfish surveyed millennials regarding Lyft vs Uber. 56% of riders with both Lyft and Uber state that they place a higher value on cost vs quality of driver and social justice issues.


Starbucks doesn't get it. People want value for their dollar, not a diversity goat show.


Even lowly CBS realizes SBUX jumped the shark years ago:



SBUX performance, meanwhile: Down for the month, down for the year, has gone nowhere for the past 3 years - this during one of the greatest bull run in US equities. Schultz, the executive chairmain, would rather pose as social justice warrior than deliver shareholder Or customer value.


SBUX has topped.


5.25.18     The Coming Financial Swindle


There is no mathematical equation that will allow America, or many other nations, to pay back the debt we've accrued - 'tis a physical impossibility.


The plan, as has been the playbook since the roman times, is to devalue the dollar so it becomes near worthless (hence the debt is 'paid' in worthless scrip) and then substitute with something else. Of course, if you are lucky they'll give you 5 for what you paid ten; though it may be much less favorable.


Some folks have written basic articles on the topic.


This article talks about the Debt Jubilee, but is mostly a sales  job:




This next one contains more reasoning (w/ better figures, graphs, charts, etc) and and a bit less doom, albeit another salesjob:




Of course, since both authors are government/money class shills they are simply front running this story as conditioning propaganda. 


Neither state the coming mechanisms:

  1. > The government and their lackeys in the press will continue to demonize cash (‘only used by terrorist and tax-dodgers’, etc) and then spread ebola-type viruses, claiming that the virus is spread via cash

  2. > Public clamors for government solution to government caused-problem = rollout of cashless society, first as an ‘option’ so you don’t get the disease

  3. > (There may be an interim step where the greenback is relegated for internal debt and the redback is rolled out for international payments, backed by US mining reserves [as is the current debt])

  4. > When ready (perhaps already is, the real reason DARPA/NSA invented the technology) the electronic debit system will be tied to the blockchain so that from birth every single financial (and socio/political) transaction will be tracked in perpetuity and via central control.


5.25.18     Electronic Frontier Foundation wins Supreme Court Case

Protects bloggers and others interested in maintaining online freedom:




5.24.18     Judge Allows Monsanto Lawsuit over Roundup to Continue



MON up for the day.


5.24.18     Serious Environmental Consequences from Owning Photovoltaic Plates



Save some money on electric bill, pay it back when you need to dispose of hazardous waste.


And if the cadmium leaks into your soil causing a hazardous substance release?


5.24.18     Alexa Records Private Conversation and Forwards 



The woman in surprised? The Amazon engineer knows full well this wasn't an error. Amazon Alexa records all conversations in the house and provides to Amazon and NSA directly. The only mistake was that the recorded conversation was also sent to one of their contacts (spilling the secret) and that the press had the temerity to publish information damning their electronic overlords.


5.22.18     Selling some US Equities here

Raising cash. Sell May and Go Away...


5.18.18     Selfish Ledger = Complete Control

"Google’s Selfish Ledger is an unsettling vision of Silicon Valley social engineering"


Unsettling vision, ya right. This was the goal all along = Complete Control.


DARPA developed the blockchain technology for digital control. One day, in the not too distant future every child born will be assigned their own particular, traceable, unending blockchain. It will track their every financial move until they perish. Technology is already there. Now the social manipulation begins such that the masses eventually yield.


5.15.18     Hmm, 10 Year UST over 3% and gold closes on its low for the year.

Another month of May turning point?


5.15.18     Lithium Sector breaks out of range...


5.10.18     NYSE plans for bitcoin physical delivery!



5.8.18     Yet another scientific paper declares: Carbon Dioxide does not cause global warming


there is no propensity for CO2 to store heat in a systematic way over time to produce a climate change effect”.




Of course, with only 1/3 of us students proficient in math, what chance do they have of understanding as they age, and vote...



5.2.18     2/3 of US Public School 8th Graders are not proficient and reading OR Math



Only 5% of Detroit eighth graders were proficient in math!


And it certainly isn't a matter of funding, US education is regularly at or near the top in global comparisons:




Time to dismantle this cesspool...


4.26.18     Coin Shows this weekend, maybe one near you?



4.26.18     Oldest Message in a Bottle Found



4.26.18     1854-S Five Dollar Coin thought to be fake, actually an originally worth a Million USD:



Only three previously known to exist!


Time to check my change again....


4.26.18     Back from Vacation


3.21.18     Multiple Sclerosis Development in Two Teens After HPV Vaccination


Will be interesting to see about MS. Courts have already paid out settlements for Gardasil (HPV vaccine) victims who suffered central nervous disorders such as seizures, paralysis and Guillain-Barré Syndrome in addition to blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short term memory loss and Neuromyelitis Optica.

This is all supposed to be publically available information (though it often takes multiple Freedom of Information Act requests). The damages are reported by the US Food and Drug Administration Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Sometimes individual law firms will also release verdicts from National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and Vaccine Court rulings. There are hundreds of backlogged cases -in addition to MS other plaintiffs make a strong case for uterine cancer.

Yah, so long as the kickbacks keep flowing force it on 9 year old girls…


3.19.18     Why the US Post Office has so many Nefarious Enemies:


3.19.18     Facebook caught misusing data, shares slide over 6%. FB executives use twitter to explain their ignorance. And in In today’s feed – FB asks to use my face recognition id data – but only for good things dontchyaknow! Love it…




3.19.18     Bitcoin Soars $1000 Off The Lows After G-20 Rejects Crypto Crackdown


3.16.18     Picture of a 2000 Year Old Italian Tile Floor


Fantastico! Ah, time's rich texture...


3.16.18     Sold SBUX, up @4% right at the price target:



2.16.18 Bought SBUX for short term trade (sell just under 60?)

3.15.18     'Tis Raining Gold!

(Gold bars fall off plane)




3.9.18     Pentagon, *Again*, Cannot Account for 1Billion USD

Yep, $345 Million can just disappear, and be used against you!




Even worse, look at the date - Feb 5th. Not that any main stream news were reporting the constant stream of criminal fraud emanating from the Pentagon, but a few independent newsies were picking up the story. So, to squash that news cycle the school shooting was implemented a few days later.


Remember the date of the largest fraud exposure at the Pentagon? Sept 10, 2011 Rumsfeld states that 2.3 Trillion was unaccounted for. Well, you remember what happened the next day to bury that story (and yet magically increase defense spending and fraud/waste/abut boated and uninterrupted!)


3.6.18     Sold RIG

Up about 3.5% in two weeks is a worthwhile exit.


2.19.17     Why School Shootings are Useful:


2.16.18   Bought:

SBUX for short term trade (sell just under 60?)

GE @15.12 swing trade

Bought (RIG) swing trade

Bought SNH for dividend, will be interesting to see how this one plays out...


2.16.18     On this Day in Financial History

In 1878 Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act which authorized new minting of silver coins to again circulate as specie (precious metal currency).


Now you know why the first Morgan Dollars are dated 1878


Here is a fantastic background piece on the economic conditions in teh 1870s-1890s:




2.13.18     More Realities of Starting Process, baby steps, Long Before a Mine Ever Processes Earth


Even if you file patent, even if you pay large sums for exploration, even if you pay even larger sums to determine if the project is feasible, and then walk the cultural/political gauntlet of ‘environmental compliance and social justice’ leading to a bankable feasible study (which shows the project could, maybe, produce a profit), the chances of building a mine are quite low.

In fact, the world gold council states that:


"The likelihood of a gold discovery leading to a mine being developed is very low, with less than 0.1% of prospected sites leading to a productive mine." Read more on the life cycle of a gold mine here: http://spr.ly/6010D3zhg




The world gold council actually produces facts regarding the gold mining industry, not the political tripe manufactured by the Wilderness Society.


The saddest element of the story is that so few folks even have a basic understanding of production, business or economics that wilderness society and other propaganda arms can spew such drivel, which is copied verbatim on other links/pages/outlets, with nary a fact check, much less insertion of process, business or mining reality.


2.11.18     Wilderness Society and Their Minions spread lies about the Mining Act of 1872

In fact, in their shameless fundraising blather they didn't even make the effort to name the actual law, much less the restrictions on filing any type of claim. Specious claims that mining magnates would destroy the land for a few dollars an acre. Guess they never looked into the environmental costs of mining in the US, yar!


Actual fact, nobody has applied for mining claim on this uneconomic land since the feds were forced to return:




2.9.18     Retail and the 5oz cup of coffee

I get my 12 oz cup of coffee at starbucks for 50cents, I’d say, about 80% of the time.

(Though most my coffee is home grown).


Present a dollar and they get 50cents too. ‘Save a cup’ discount and they net tip 60 cents.


Sometimes I must pay the full rate $2.05 – but not usually.


You get what you bargain for. If you’re friendly the retail prices is but one seldom option.

Biz is personal.


2.9.18     SF Bay Coin show tomorrow and Sun - entry coupon:



2.9.18     Old train story

When I was a kid there were a couple older blokes that ran a 1:20 train and trestle. Could fit the kids, no adults. The train would loop a couple ovals and we tykes loved it.

Was actually the original train and trestle, as I learned later on, that served the local (defunct) gravel mine on the big river connecting to the old state highway. Great place to grow up.

Maybe that was the genesis of a soft spot for those who keep the old ways and stories alive…


2.8.18     Sold Edwards Life Sciences EW

This position up over 14% in 10 months, didn't want to give back any more profit...


4.28.17     Bought Edwards Life Sciences (EW)

Paid high, hopefully sell higher (should be a longer term trade/hold). Good relative strength on a California firm. Sure, it's expensive (real expensive). But you have to put the money somewhere (and many sectors look expensive right now). Just bought a bunch of coins, maybe buy more?

2.8.18     Sold SH (short SPY ETF)

Made over 4% in just a few days on a large position. Expecting the plunge protection team will try to rally equities on this declining volume. Stay vigilant, may need to get back in quickly...


2.8.18     Rest in Peace John Barlow

Great lyricist and a founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), one of the few organizations protecting online freedom and security. Maybe consider a small donation?


Your work lives on.


"Fare thee well now, let your life proceed by it's own design.
Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours, I'm done with mine"


2.4.18     Hope the Superbowl Indicator is wrong

(which states a NFC win is bad for the US Dow Jones performance)


Or it could be a steep decline for US equity markets...


2.2.18     Ugly Day in the Market

Almost all sectors and asset classes.


Forced too buy a positioning SH (Short the S and P 500) - first time I've shorted the general equities in almost 3 years!


Hope it turns a long term loss.


Maybe the superbowl indicator will let us know!


(The January indicator- as the market goes in January it shall go the rest of the year - was positive).



1.26.18     California’s wealthiest 1 percent pay 48 percent of the state’s income tax




1.21.2018     The Poor and Uneducated suffer Mental Health Disorders over global warming propaganda




Old playbook - distract the lower classes so they don't rebel against the real enemies keeping them down...


1.20.18     PR Nightmare - Catholic Bishop Distances himself from Pope who defends pedophiles

That's right children - sayeth the pope - if you don't have proof you were molested by the nice priest than STFU.

(Only the priests have the proof, still on their computer and shared amongst the bishops).




And the good clergy struggle to keep open empty churches as reasonable folk fail to support the pedophile-supporting vatican!


The Pope has better things to do than make right for institutionalized child abuse - he's busy fighting 'climate change' by forcing the carbon tax (modern day plenary indulgences) down our throat.


1.16.18     Goldfield, Nevada - International Car Forest of the Last Church



Along the lines of Carhenge in Alliance Nebraska and the Department of Mutant Vehicles in Black Rock City, Nv


1.9.17    DOI and FBI Railroaded Bundy Family Twice

and twice they were set free. The Judge excoriates the prosecution for criminal behavior:




1.5.18     Sold MNTR (bought yesterday)

Up almost 30% in one day, hope to buy back cheaper


1.4.18     Watching the Marijuana Market Crater and Crytp0 Stock Gyration Today

Buying opportunity if you have the stomach for the very high risk. Putting some of last years earnings into some speculations; went long TRTC, MNTR, GBLX and MCOA in the MJ sector; BLKCF, CINGF and BTCS in the crypto sector.


1.4.18     Top Weird Things that Sold in 2017



Well, not sure those were the tops as the weirdest probably didn't appear in the press. But, as the article displays yet again, there's a market for practically anything - find your niche!


12.31.17     CoinMine 2017 Public Trades:

Seven for Seven!


Profits of @2.7%, 6.5%, 14%, 2.6%, 3.5%, 6% and 1%


5 of 7 trades realized those profits in @two weeks or less.


May 2018 go so well…


12.31.17     Gold up 13.7% for the Year


12.29.17     Sold Euro

     10.10.17     Went Long Euro

Always thought trading currency was more difficult than stocks. Glad to exit this position with a win.


12.29.17     Sold GLD

Short term trade went according to plan, up @2.7% in 5 working days


12.21.17     Bought GLD for a short term trade


12.16.17     Yesterday the VIX (Volatility Index) Closed Down 10%

Pretty amazing...


12.13.17     Rest in Peace Pat DiNizio

(the Smithereens)




12.7.17     Judge does what he is Paid to Do:

Support the leviathan tax authority above all!

Demands CoinBase provide data to IRS




Simple really, distort the law (never meant to protect YOU) to define anyone making a profit in crytpocurrencies as a tax dodge = Tax State wins again!


12.7.17     Because Sea Levels are not Rising

Climategate fraudsters fake the date to convince themselves sea level is actually happening:




Yet another damning illustration of climate fraud...


11.28.17     Sold  (GT)

Another nice pop today makes @6.5% gain in 10 days - yes sir may I have another!

That outfit Guggenheim lowered their rating at 52 week lows - either they are 1) criminally inept, or 2) just criminal (buying while telling you to sell)


11.28.17     With the rise in Cyrptocurrencies

We've been getting a lot of interest in buying our domain. Fascinating to interact with those who want an even bigger slice of the pie.


11.17.17     Really enjoy watching the parasite class in Hollywood and Washington DC turn on each other

Once we citizens on Main Street stopped willingly serving as their hosts, the viruses had no choice but to cannibalize their own!


11.17.17    Sold MNK

Up over 14% in less than that many days, take it when you make it!


11.8.17     Bought Goodyear (GT)

Looks like sales volume is petering out...


11.8.17     Bought MNK

Speculative buy (funny to say on a mid cap biopharm). No previous position, may be time to start scaling back into this sector...


11.4.17    More Fraud by Red Cross

Seems like every time there is a disaster, a few months later one can read about the Red Cross mis-managing funds meant for victims.




Try the Salvation Army, much better track record.


10.29.17     Secured Automated Lending Technology



Somebody will eventually figure out how to build derivatives off the crytpo currencies. Salt may have just done that...


10.28.17     Lake Resources Seeks to Unlock S. America Lithium Triangle



Will be interesting to see just how much Lithium is actually down there....


10.28.17     Gold Bullion Coin Specifications



10.28.17     Develop up to a 40 Year Price of Gold Chart in Various Currencies:



10.28.17     Oceans Continue to Cool



10.27.17     Haynesville Shale Production Continues Upward Trend

Now at a three year high:




10.20.17     Holabird Americana Auction Underway


Thursday, October 19, 2017 - Monday, October 23



10.20.17     LiteCoin Continues its Run



10.20.17     Infographic: Why the War on Drugs has Failed



10.20.17     How to Make a Folding Coin Knife

Hope Santa's brings me one (wonder what TSA thinks of it!)


How to Make a Coin Knife


10.13.17     Last Year Greenland Experiences Record Increase in Sea Ice



10.13.17     Penguins Die on Antarctica - Too Much Growing Ice

Anthropogenic warming models fail again - Antarctica has yet another year of increasing ice



10.13.17     NASA Models Predicting Rising Sea Levels Fails

Sea levels drop for second year in a row



10.10.17     Went Long Euro


10.9.17     Added some New Pendants and Flat Pins on our Token Inventory Page


10.6.17     Upcoming (western US) Coin Shows next two quarters:


















10.6.17     Upcoming Coin Shows this Weekend

show listings provided by CoinZip.com


10.5.17     IRS Impressed by Criminal Activity at Equifax


Awards a sole-source contract for good work (fraud)!




10.5.17     Clark Howard, the financial friend to many, provides good credit freeze directions:




Don't forget filing credit freeze and Innovis and ChexSystems - there aren't just three credit bureaus...


If you want to get more proactive on managing your credit file, here are three sources that might provide you some assistance (though buyer beware) -






9.29.17     In addition to that Mona Lisa sketch an original Reubens painting was recently ‘discovered’:



9.28.17 This one should have received more play

The end of farm labor



Think of the mass exodus of migrant farm workers from the labor pool, and the resultant social impacts...


The monsanto roundup bots will come after (possibly using lasers) the J. Deere lettuce bots

and you thought blade runner deserved a sequel!


9.8.17     FCC Chairman Visiting Silicon Valley

Discussing ways to impose new regulations on electronic freedom of speech


Might you consider support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their efforts protecting your digital rights?




9.8.17     China to ban Local Crypto Currency Exchanges?

That's what the degenerate propaganda network Reuters wants the plebes to believe!




Thing is, the majority of Bitcoin has been flowing through Chinese pools for quite some time:




You think China wants that control to go to the US?

Or, you think this is a play to generate even greater control of the cyrpto currency flow?


You decide, I've already formed a thesis....


9.8.17     Equifax sells credit portfolio on 143 Million Americans

Insiders than promptly sell their stock (public information).


Bet they shorted it too!


Too big to jail = third world legal system


9.8.17     More deflation - look at the 10 year T-Bill yield fall

Even the Fed is giving up on their primary predictive tool - the Phillips Curve:



That's ok, Blue Oyster Cult said 'don't fear the reaper'

 mercury says don't fear deflation - gain from it!


In fact, Mauldin host Charles Gave provides some thought-provoking analysis on Japan's recent apparent awakening from a multi-decade deflation slump, coming through even stronger on the other side:



Japan has, indeed, been able to grow corporate equity - firms are flush with cash.


On the other hand US Corporations are saddled with an inordinate debt load. Here is the fed's estimate of such:



And that data is two years old, the problem was grown. Difficult to even get this information without paying for it; how many times have you seen the issue discussed by your 'leaders'?


Forget growing (debt) to prosperity - Japan showed austerity works.


Believe it or live it...


9.6.17     Younger Generation does not want their Parent's 'stuff'


This is deflationary:




9.1.17     ‘The News’ suggests you might get brain cancer from your drinking water.


Rather than develop a story based on investigation, research and fact-checking, ‘the news’ (Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner) will viral up any half-baked fantasy concocted by the least-informed elements of society wafting on social networks like five-day old fish.


“It used to be that reporters would research the facts,” Duffie said. “Now all they have to do is flip on social media and if it looks like something is getting traction, they take that chat and run with it." 




8.31.17     SEC changes broker dealer settlement requirements:



8.31.17     A very short history of semi-recent US currency:



8.25.17     Not surprising the USS McCain brings pain and death, just as the name sake.

Even more interesting, now that the story has been officially denied guess we know that Russia has shared the focused EMP scalar technology with china. That what, 4 ships in the past 5 months? 


The US Navy has killed more of its own sailors this year than died in combat throughout the world.


8.24.17     US Incomes Rise for First Time since 2007

Amazingly pathetic.




And explains why 80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (and those are the 80 million who haven't permanently stopped looking for a job):




8.22.17     How do markets perform following a solar eclipse? Pretty well, typically…



8.8.17     Someone sent along a Jim Rickards article, and asked for my opinion:

Here was my reply:

Conclusions? I only see a handful of vague prophesies – nothing specific enough to merit attention much less action. Without a timeline his predictions are worthless. Sure, it will all collapse. Rome and every superpower since also collapsed, but it took centuries. Rickards has been a US equities bear and gold bull for four solid years – wrong the entire time, an amazing opportunity cost. Just another fear mongerer cashing in on hype.

1. Cash? Ok, which currency? Rickards has also stated that the US Government (and others) want to outlaw cash (which is true). So, what is the purpose of cash? In other words, cash in only a means to an end, not the means itself.

2. Gold/Silver? He has been wrong on this trade for 4 years. Wrong time of the business/economic/credit cycle.

3. Museum quality collectibles? Sure, always nice to have something like that. And who exactly will pick it out for you to ensure it isn’t fake?

4. Land? Land w/o water rights or contaminated land is worse than worthless, it is a liability. Cash flow single family homes? Multifamily units? REITs? TICs? Any the other  42,000 ways to invest? Sure, all good – but what, where, when and with who?

He gets terrible reviews from folks that fell for his hype letters:


Bottom line, all terribly vague writing that is, at best, a crap shoot.

Better to buy/sell on a tactical basis in line with your longer term goals imho.

8.6.17     Not Only US and Euro fake Climate Data

Australia has also been 'cooking the books'...



7.29.17     Interesting Website



Wonder how much time she spent on that!


7.27.17     Sold Low @near 77

Take the quick (3-day) wins, not every win comes easy, if they come at all...


7.25.17     Bought LOW yesterday @74

 Money coming back in, but you never know…


7.25.17     Sold EW @117

 Looks like insiders know numbers won’t be pretty.

Worked out anyway, up a bit over 6% on this one…


[4.28.17 - Bought (EW)]


7.12.17 Sold SPY Trade Position
Not much meet on the bone (~1%) but the bird in the hand is better than the two in the bush (and they've been acting kinda funny)

6.29.17     Flattening Yield Curve/Decline in Price of Crude

Will be interesting to see where the Fed will attempt to create inflation to justify their desire to raise the funds rate.


6.29.17     Went Long SPY

Hoping for a short term scalp trade...


6.29.17     Make Sure Your Prove Who You Are to the Almighty State

Henry Ross Photographing For Identification Cards, Jewish Administration, Department Of Statistics. 1940.


6.27.17     Google Guilty - Record Anti-Trust Penalty


When you lose an anti-trust case, and you are in the business of public trust, what - exactly- do you have left?


Influence peddling!


Sure, Google cheats and serves propaganda instead of unbiased information; but at least now you know!



5.19.17     Autonomous Cars

Why is the corporate industrial conglomerate and government pushing so hard for this one? By some estimates there will be 300,000 jobs lost when cars and trucks drive themselves!

You can always answer a question by this answer: will the ‘solution’ empower you, or someone else?

5.15.17     We Added a New Militaria Page with Some Great Inventory

Check it out:



5.5.17     May the 4th Be With You

and always will as pocket change...


Pretty Kiwi Coins in the Star Wars motif-






5.5.17     Puerto Rico Goes Bankrupt


Who’s next? My bet is Illinois. Here’s a picture of Cairo Illinois, one of the more scenic areas of the state and better run municipalities (note: abandoned, empty and as of yesterday - partially flooded with warnings of potential levee collapse):



5.4.17     S&P 500 Earnings up 15% First Quarter 2017

This on top of year over year growth of 20% last year.

Something to consider when evaluation SnP valuations…




5.1.17     Predatory Facebook Targets Emotionally Weak Children

All in a bid for further control.




And live stream broadcasts of rapes and murders replaces bread and circuses...


4.28.17     Check your pocket change, that penny could be worth 85k!

Yeah right. Interesting how mainstream media always portrays rare coins, and coin collecting in general, akin to playing the lottery. It isn't. Lottery is blind luck. Coin collecting is a hobby or investment, as depending how much time and effort you put into it, the financial results vary accordingly. Not like main stream media accepts the fact life it what you put into it...




4.28.17     Bought Edwards Life Sciences (EW)

Paid high, hopefully sell higher (should be a longer term trade/hold). Good relative strength on a California firm. Sure, it's expensive (real expensive). But you have to put the money somewhere (and many sectors look expensive right now). Just bought a bunch of coins, maybe buy more?


4.22.17     Climate Change

Has been going on for at least 600 years as established by the geologic record (and has been relatively mild by comparison for throughout the last several thousand years):


4.19.17     Schwab Liquidates two Bond Funds



Wonder what they know?


4.17.17 Woman's Saves Her Church by Donating Rare Coin



Guess it's still true, Gold is God's money...


4.16.17     Great Ca/Nv American Water Works Association Conference


We’ve had great, abundant, clean, safe and cheap water in this country for decades; time to start paying some bills to keep it that way…


4.7.17     How the Big Three Credit Score Firms Calculate your Credit Score

(more or less)

35% Credit History

30% Utilization

15% Length of Time/Age of Account

10% Type of Credit Cards you have

10% Recent Increases in credit/limits

4.5.17     MSN wants you to spot ‘fake money’, and then spends eight pages of clickbait defending FRNs.


I would offer you this, instead:

“Money is Gold and Nothing Else” – JP Morgan, Testimony to Congress December 1912


4.4.17     Richmond Fed Chief Lacker admits leaks, resigns

(whose lackey was lacker?):




4.2.17     Pogue Collection Auction - Record Breaking



3.10.17     Coin Shows This Weekend



Though around here, given the nice weather, estate sale season starts to bloom. Just bought a large box of stuff, now going to find out what's in it...


3.10.17     Record Prices Realized for Comics at Auction    




Tangible Goods and Vintage Paper - get yours now!


3.10.17     Neat Article on Some Beautiful US Currency Designs




3.9.10     Friend Deposited Check, US Bankcorps

Couple months later they discovered bank never credited account for the check deposit.  Writer of the check had to go to their bank and order a copy. Copy showed, indeed, that the check was cashed - but the endorsement stamp was so faint as to read illegible.


Had the friend not lucked out and find the original deposit slop in the to-be-shredded pile the bank would have kept the money.


Wonder how many times a hear the banksters pull that scam for small amounts and the plebes never even know!?!


tl;dr - keep your checking deposit slips!


3.8.17     Sure, CIA is Spying on You through your Devices

Most folks with iphones realize that facebook is listening all the time and turning your speech into search results; there are many threads about this topic on the web.


What really interested us this morning was that Amazon picked up part of our conversation via laptop microphone and turned it into a search result - we are sure of this (and no, we don't have alexa et. al). Have seen no other mention of this anywhere...         


3.2.2017     Price of Bitcoin Reached Parity with Price of Gold Today

And a lot more people own gold than bitcoin...


3.2.17     Marissa Mayer Stripped of Bonus

Dang, she ran Yahoo into the ground. Nothing but fraud and deceit, and she still get's paid!




Gotta admit, providing government doublespeak propaganda sure pays the bills....


2.24.17     2017 first time since 1987 Dow logged 12 higher high closings in a row...

Streak ended today!




2.24.17     Upcoming Heritage Fine Silver Art Auction




2.24.17     Mayhaps a Reason for Record Collectible Prices including premier Coins, Sports Cards and Comics


Here's a musing:




source - https://blog.collectors.com/2017/02/the-feds-role-in-skyrocketing-collectible-values/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=marketingemail&utm_campaign=email-collectors-com-newsletter-2017feb24-values


tldr: blame the fed


2.24.17     Upcoming Coin Shows this Weekend

The market has showed more strength this year to date...




2.23.17     Lightening up some US Equity Positions Here

First time raising cash since December/Jan 2015 (lucky timing then!

Last couple weeks of February typically show an equity pullback (though often a good buying point for nice March/April time fame)

This run up in equities may be losing a bit of steam

Always a good time to harvest a rich equity profit   

2.23.17     Interesting – Stratfor looking for forum manager




2.18.17     Occasionally Worth Looking at the Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns

to track the return of the various asset classes over a period of time.


Below is a Callan chart for nine asset classes ranked between the years 1993 and 2012.


This chart I provide here tracks just five asset classes (stocks are grouped rather than split), and the period of performance is longer - 1972-2015, showing how many times each asset class came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th:



  REIT Gold Stocks Bonds Cash (USD$)
Rank 1 17 12 7 6 1
Rank 2 7 7 13 11 6
Rank 3 7 6 9 11 10
Rank 4 5 3 7 12 16
Rank 5 8 15 8 4 9

We can see that over that 33 year performance period a few trends:

* Cash generally performs poorer than the other four asset classes

* Stocks and Bonds tend to perform neither the best nor the worst over the years, but tend to perform in the middle of the pack.

* Gold and REITs tend to either perform very well, or very poorly

* REITS in particular tend to outperform the other market classes

Hence, making investment sector choices - heavily weighting one over another - will provide for a better than average return (so long as you generally pick right!)

Image result for Callan Periodic Table Asset Class Returns 2016



2.14.17     FEDS Refuse to Support a Safe Oroville Dam Overflow



Just as the FED EPA failed to act on Flint Drinking water despite their requirement to do so, just as FED EPA poisoned  a pristine river in Colorado etc., on and on, ad nauseum….


2.12.17     Forced evacuation of 160k downstream of tallest dam in the US


Any shocks to California’s water system – the bedrock infrastructure in this 6th largest world economy that supports all other state industries – is something to watch…

2.3.17     Editor-in-chief of the Silicon Valley Business Journal sues Yahoo for discrimination

Not only does Missy Mayer have a documented track record of illegal hiring discrimination, she has a track record of destroying what was once a prominent brand and business.



2.2.17     Man finds incredible sketches by a master (really!) in his inherited collection, what dreams are made of: http://tinyurl.com/jpxo8gr


2.2.17     Study – children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have higher levels of mercury



1.18.17     China to Ban Ivory Trade by end 2017



Going to become increasingly difficult to make a market for this type of material...


1.15.17     Moody's Criminal Action in Credit Rating Fraud Helped Blow the Housing Bubble

They agree to a pittance fine less than a billion dollars for their part destroying hundreds of thousands of american family lives, intentionally separating them from their homes.




Warren Buffet the greatest inside trading scammer of all time, holds more Moody's shares than anyone.

He has the gall to say 'Golly, I had no idea they were shady" nyuk nyuk!




1.14.17     EPA Poisons Pristine River and then Claims they don't need to make things right



Of course they can't make it right.  But, if you dig an illegal ditch on your property they'll send agents with guns to ruin your life:



1.13.17     Famous Inverted Jenny comes to Auction Block

Sold for a cool six figures.






Really enjoyed the image that tied together all the various stamps to recreated the original sheet...


1.13.17     Lady Liberty is a Beautiful Black Woman in 2017 US Liberty Coin




Would be interesting to find the original female model for the design.


Also curious how many of these are going to sell...


1.8.17     The Glass Penny



1.5.17     Treasure hunting villagers ignored police to dig up over 500kg of Qing dynasty coins




Bit of a strange tale. Around here if you ignore the police they arrest you. Or sometimes they mace and body slam you then arrest you.


Also - the pensioners and children were looting an archeology site. Where were the young men. Oh yea - THEY were the police officers letting their family loot the site because a) The families are desperately poor after 60 years of communist rule and, therefore b) no respect for the government 'law'.


Poor story for the chicom authorities...


1.4.17     Researchers found master hub and dies for 1964 Morgan Dollar





There was no way they were going to let Kennedy keep the US on honest money...


1.4.17     Lithium Roundup

Tesla begins battery production at Reno plant:



International Lithium drilling in Ireland



Australian Producer Neo Metals:



Critical Elements Exploring in Quebec



Nevada Energy Metals is Exploring in Nevada:



Production in the US is primarily in Texas or Nevada.

I've posted much on the Nevada sources/companies/pictures/secnarios especially Western Lithium, now:



You can read more by ctrl-F through my 2012-2014 blog where I posted a bunch on the Nv lithium situation...




1.4.17     PCGS Coin Forum Rolls Out New Format



1.4.17     Krause announces their Coin of the Year Winners

Some real beauties...




1.3.17     Purchase Price Index up 9 of last 10 months

...against a background of a stronger dollar. Rather impressive. Trade has led the way, which provides some slack for tariff threats both real and imagined.


1.2.17     Great Bechtel Album of Confederate Notes offered by Heritage:



1.2.17     Anybody think we're due for a boring year?


12.30.16     Sold GLD a bit over 110, bought at 106.5 Dec 22.

@2% profit in a week.

High probability trade paid. Was a larger position so profit will ride...


12.22.16     Glad I sold Macy's (M) Yesterday

Today they tanked 3.5% after giving off  a worse than usual stench yesterday.


Who shops there anyway?


Guess I'll miss the parade, 'Z'uckerberg's pride parade' doesn't possess quite the zing now does it?


And JCP?

Even worse - down almost 5.5%.


Better to be lucky than good!

Should've shorted the stocks, already short the demographic!


12.22.16     Had clear protective window film installed

Great stuff, 8mm thick, made by 3M.

If you have anything worth protecting - the security film is worth getting, worth getting the good stuff, and worth having it professionally installed.


There is an even better product just now entering the market:


Best for commercial applications, since most residential windows aren't quite install-ready.


12.22.16     Went Long GLD

Looking for a bounce to trade...


12.21.16     Review of my 2016 Public Trades:

(Two for two @12.5% actualized gain).


Not quite as good as 2015, but works for me...

Summary of my 2015 Public Trades

(Seven winners, one loser)


8) Sold GLD

Bought Dec 17th, high probability trade worked out for small profit.


7) 12.30.15 Sold Whole Foods

Bought Oct 27 a little under 31, sold for a decent trading profit.


6) 9.3.15 Sold SPY wannabe trade for a small loss (bought August 21st)


5) Sold RRD May 6. 2015

Nailed the 5 year bottom within 8 weeks (I bought 10.19.2012); paid a VERY nice dividend too, double or triple the 10yr bond. RRD is now down almost 20% from that peak in May.


4) 3.25.15 Sold PSQ for a small (2%) profit


3) Sold XLE at @80.44.

Good for about 3.5% gain over 8 week trade.


2) 2.12.15 Sold CSCO (a *very* old position) around @29.50 - within just cents of the 2015 high.


1) 2.12.15 Sold PAAS

@ 15% gain in 3 months




12.21.16 Sold M (Macy’s) @$37.4

Bought about $34 on 6.3.2016. Trade yielded @10% in 6mo. 

On trendline, not a bad place to buy, actually, but will take my profit as the latest action suggests 4th Q results might display sad emoji.

6.3.16 Bought M and JCP

Retail due for a bounce, short to medium term.


12.21.16 Sold JCP (J.C. Penny) little over nine.

Bought at a little under 8. Trade yielded @15% in 6mo.

Underperforming, as expected, but you can still make money on the pigs.


6.3.16 Bought M and JCP

Retail due for a bounce, short to medium term.


Great bounce, but also another bad fade, retail sector not looking good no matter how you slice it.


12.19.16     Conviction for IMF Bankster Lagarde


Too bad they never prosecute for the real crimes…

12.17.16     Microsoft Point Program now accepting bitcoin.

Yep, bet they would rather have your bitcoin than their worthless points...


12.17.16     Target charges 16% for the luxury of purchasing a stupid gift card.

Guess that is the profit margin they need to allow hackers to gain information on  110 million credit card holder customers/dupes.

Forget them! Sent cash instead, long live cash!


12.11.16     Democrat Introduces Bill to Insert Tracking Chip in Humans




12.9.16     US Accuses Russia of Attempting to Hack US Elections

Instead, US attempts to hack US Elections




12.9.16     Fukushima Radiation Reaches US Shores



Remember that fact when the anti-drillers squeak and demand US shutdown domestic fuel production


Radiation reached the west coast last year:



EPA refuses to monitor the massive pollution source threatening citizens and ecological receptors:



The EPA stopped all efforts to protect the US oceanic and aquatic resources and threats to millions of people living on the US western seaboard.


Of course, the US EPA was not able to do something had they even tried (EPA nuclear sensors fail to work, employees unable to understand technology):



Japan and International Atomic Energy Agency fail to collect and report required data:



The fake news sites (state controlled mainstream media owned by six major corporations) wants you to believe all is safe (keep consuming dupes!)


12.8.16     Major Banks Illegally Rig Precious Metals Trade Prices

Deutsche Bank pays fines (and everyone is allowed to keep cheating)


...illegal bank collusion to prop up their monopoly, same as it ever was!




12.8.16     The Illusion of Reality





12.8.16     Sharia Gold Standard Established



12.4.16     Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, resigns over a 'No' Vote

Supposedly the vote was to reform the system, yar!

Italy has had 60 Prime Ministers and 65 governments since the end of WWII.

Fact is, 'Italy' is a very modern political construct, not a historical or cultural one.

Politics change, sometimes exceedingly swiftly.


There is no reform coming, Italy knows grandeur and collapse (banking, military or otherwise) and does not negotiate in between...


12.4.16     Heard a Great Interview with Alex Markovsky

He studied Marxism in the USSR and has written about how the US did not defeat communism, it has instead adopted such (Liberal Bolshevism). 




Book already sold out at Amazon, sigh...


12.3.16     Coal Companies Catch a micro-break

EPA relaxes regs via  Revisions to Procedure 2-Quality Assurance Requirements for Particulate
Matter Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems at Stationary Sources (Final).


12.2.16     World Economic Forum develops a graphic of most traded items on the 'dark web'

And guns aren't even traded on the dark web? yar! (fake news WEF?)




12.2.16     Krause Nomination for Coins of the Year Announced

Some beautiful specimens...




12.1.16     Bansky Prints Set Auction Record

Collectible Paper, nothing quite like it...




11.30.16     Nice Coin Variety Website You Might Want to Peruse



11.25.16     The World's Most Valuable Coin

Interesting read...




11.24.16     We Are Incredibly Grateful and Give Thanks

for the wonderful people in our live and those who visit our site.


Thank you for your patronage!


11.16.16     Free Art-Making Session at the Crucible This Weekend (Oakland, Ca)



11.9.16     Either the Political Fraud Campaign Suffered from a an Unusually High Level Incompetence

Compared to standard government operations, or the rigging hasn't quite become ubiquitous quite yet.


An even worse scenario – Trump somehow agreed acquiesced to fall guy role for all the problems that are (planned) to come...



11.7.16     Yay - politics!

Electronic Voting Machines count votes the way the Owners Want Them Counted.


So, the central banker controllers install puppet Hilary, though doubt she will get re-elected or even serve a full term.

The bad news is her first acts are Executive Orders to regulate ammunition purchase and then remove the ability of a family to protect itself with body armor.


Next she appoints possibly the worst choice on a historical basis to the SCOTUS, possibly Obama. Don’t see Bernie as Chair of Senate Finance Committee since the senate will likely remain in opposition (mildly, as republican’s are wont).


The good news: That is all puppet Hillary will accomplish. Look how little the last president got done in 8 years. Try to find little clinton’s accomplishments over the past 45 years = scant to none.


The good people will provide an opposition senate and house as gridlock proves desirable when sycophants reach power.


The central bank now possesses the green light to raise fed funds rates on cue, driving the next recession which in turn will allow for even more draconian proposals that the dark powers have crafted as the next agenda. Namely:

  • Blame the stock market crash on trading; instill tax on most financial transactions to drive business out of US

  • Enact even more draconian regulations on business to prevent future startups while shoving through robot work.

  • This allows the machines to replace human labor (30 million jobs in trucking/transportation alone are on the line) and will force the people to accept perpetual reliance on the government through the coming hallmark ‘social justice legislation’ of “basic income”.

11.6.16     President Finally Decides on His Legacy: Treason!



Caught on Tape - O Encourages illegal aliens to vote = encouraging voter fraud (yes, that is an illegal activity)


11.1.16     Amazing How the World Economic Forum and Terracylce Deny the Obvious



People don't recycle for the same reasons they don't proactively build a better economic world for themselves or progeny - the entire system is set up against initiative and action.


In California you can take in more money by scamming the social system (taxpayer waste) rather than getting a job, much less building a business. Hence, why bother?


10.31.16     You Want to See Something Really Scary?

Citibank named Obama's Cabinet, before the Clown was even yet installed:




10.21.16     One Cent Worth One Grand

Kudos to Ally Bank for trying to get folks interested in their pocket change

Find one and it is your lucky day!




10.21.16     Clearly the Fed Funds Interest Rate should not Remain at Emergency Rates

For seven years after the emergency.


Clearly the fact it remains so shows the fed compelling interest to support the current regime.

And just as clearly, now that their political independence is demonstrated as nothing more than a charade, so to goes the rationale for their existence.


10.21.16     Steven Wynn Takes a Swipe at the Almighty Fiat Machine



Pretty interesting when the top dogs that benefitted from the fiat pyramid scheme start biting their master's hands....


10.10.12     Yahoo 'secretly' Spied on US Citizenry Emails


Yah, what a surprise!




As I mentioned when that beast mayer took over YHOO - she was put in that position to dance like a puppet for her overlords. First thing she did was build a nursery to server herself and then commenced upon her duofold mission - spy for the secret police and destroy the company. She certainly did both of those (and not much of anything else!).


Here was the plan, all along, as I presented to you four and a half years ago...


4.15.12    Proliferation Propaganda from Yahoo proposing further Government Control over Your Personal Finances

Yahoo must push the garbage even harder, as they’ve been contracted to do by the government, since they realize their platform for the propaganda is collapsing.  Yahoo is crashing, they’ve announced yet another ‘re-structuring’ program last week (in addition to laying off another 2,000 employees).

The government realizes Yahoo is fading into irrelevancy. Look at the ghastly poor quality of writing and editing in these ‘articles” (paid for commercials extolling the virtues of a government-based economy).  Even more damning is the comments on these articles, the little people excoriate the obvious double-speak, factual error, and basis implausibly of the article content.

So, Yahoo is forced to push up the timeline of these ‘articles’ (trial balloons for government-economy)

10.1.16     Not Enough for the fed to Support their Crooked Politician by Policy

Nope, they're also funneling emergency cash into the campaign...




9.30.16     Etrade Just Called and Left a Message for Me

They are upset that I have so much cash position, they want to make it 'work for me in the markets'

Yep. So many institutional investors are pulling money out of the banking sector right now (just look at yesterday in Europe) before the intentional market correction after the election that the financial whores are trolling the lowly individual investors.


There will be quite a bit of conglomeration in the financial sector during this next downturn. In fact, the sector is already preparing for such an event. Look at the news yesterday that Scottrade and Ameritrade are looking to merge. Look at Wells Fargo already beginning to panic and commit massive fraud, in the open, with no concern for recrimination (b.c. there won't be any - too connected to fail), look at Deutchbank begin to implode.


Not going to be pretty...


9.29.16     Bloomberg propaganda desk Yesterday had another 'Federal Reserve Wednesday'


They did mention Janet Yellen's continuing struggle to link together more than two cogent sentences. However, Bloomberg has provided well over five hundred hours of 'news' (more like commentary and talking points) on the federal reserve/interest rate 'story' over the past three months. And not one mention on how the Fed, despite promising to raise rates multiple times this year, has not done so - in a obviously bid to prop up the economy (at emergency fed fund rate levels) and aid a mortally damaged candidate Hilary.


After the election, the fed raises rates and tanks the US economy, on purpose, by design.


Crime. Intentional. Forecast. Deliberate.


9.27.16     The War Over Oil may not be winding down,

But the War For Water is just ramping up.


Are India and Pakistan on the verge of a water-war?




9.16.16     Manufactured Marketing Hype by the mainstream Presttitutes:

"If you haven't bought your iphoneX yet, you may be out of luck!"




Yah right - Here is an actual picture of demand for apple products taken the afternoon after the phone was announced on Chestnut Street, San Francisco:



Nobody was buying the product, but I guess the dupes might still believe the hype!


Even more ridiculous in Asia "oh, you can't get the *black* case because of the massive demand. Har, more like artificial scarcity coupled with crappy supply chain management. (Look at apply stock decline over the last couple years for confirmation).


In other words, their marketing/pricing model is akin to Beanie Babies.


9.14.16    Knowledge on The Right Way of Living is indeed becoming (intentionally) lost

As I wrote on 4.27.06:


"Of course, type in allodial patent in the search engines and u soon realize maybe a few dozen people left in the country even

understand the concept of owning your own land w/o subservience as liege to the tax crown..."


Yep, sure enough. I remember writing that sentence over ten years ago. I remember the google returned over 36,000 hits for the term 'allodial title' that day. Now, the google demon has scrubbed the hit for that phrase down to 25,100.


(and now, the microsoft software doesn't recognize the word alloidal either, go figure.


Removing knowledge on how to live a free life is now the bread and butter of google. Remember when their motto was 'don't be evil'. Yah, that didn't last!


Scrubbing truth from existing in the internet vernacular, what a way to spend your life...


9.11.16     Tom Torlakson, the California Secretary of Education, just knocked on our door.


Told him the charter schools with better performance should command more resources.


(Bernie and Hilary were nearby earlier this year, our zip code is an important demographic)


Anyway, the politician pretended to care, but he’s only here trying to get his wife elected to another position of lifetime graft…


9.9.16     Heritage Offers Great Ethnocultural Collection at Auction



When you look at the prices for these objects, many (if not most) are completely unique as in one of a kind hand made - their value looks rather reasonably priced to some other tangible asset classes.


9.10.16     Man Finds Large Gold Nugget

California may have lost a bit of shine, but is still the Golden State!




Sure, the journalist may believe the nugget is only worth scrap weight, but serious collectors pay a premium for gold nuggets (and other outstanding mineral/gem expressions)


9.9.16     Ok, Summer is Over - Time to Get Back into the Fold and Serious -

So, why not start out the fourth quarter acting out your favorite superhero (and/or) villain at Long Beach Comic Con!?!




8.12.16     UN Causes Mass Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

Takes one year to admit primary involvement.




Pretty common for those 'protecting you' to be the cause of so much misery.

And some wonder why so many resist 'world government'...


(Did I ever tell you about the time the US Public Health Service willingly and knowingly injected children with syphilis)


8.6.16     Only Fitting that US First Gold Medal in 2016 Olympics

Is in shooting...


8.5.16     Economic Indicators

  • Last quarter growth (as GDP) per Census Bureau was 1.2% (annualized). However, the 1st quarter GDP that was reported as 1.1% was downgraded to a lowly 0.8%.

  • Last two quarters  earnings per share growth was negative, and this was with an average equity PE of 19!

  • Durable goods orders continue to plunge.

  • Weakest recession recovery since 1941 (this administration was the only one in the history of the U.S to not ever grow the economy by 3%.

  • Business bankruptcies have increased to double digit rates in the last two quarters, and are continuing to increase.

  • A confirming indicator of shrinking business is that the US tax income is down 27% year over year.

  • Corporate profits have been down five of six past quarters.


7.29.16     US Election Convention Circus

Mildly Entertaining watching the unraveling of the parasite caste.


At least the republicans kicked out the Bush and Romney criminal cartels to the curbside. They should be in prison, but ignominy is a close second.


Yet - voting Trump is like dropping acid. You are in for a wild, fun and sometimes terrifying ride but deep down you know it is not a real viable long term solution.


The democrats fared worse. Beside the constant booing the show was overshadowed by the extremely damaging wikileaks that show how rigged their game is. Not often you see the sausage making memos. All the racist, jew baiting, deplorable internal communications provides fun reading. Isn't that often an insider (DNC chair) is forced to resign - incompetence and corruption is typically rewarded.

Though my favorite bit is how Bernie called his revolution a success - which boiled down to a couple modified paragraphs of the DNC platform, none of which matters.  Even better - he told his sheep to Vote Hillary then he QUIT the democrat party during the convention. Man, amazing how gullible these kids are today.


"Don't follow my lead - do what I am paid to tell you to do!" ~Bernie


7.28.16     US Durable Goods Orders now Down Six Consecutive Quarters

and this miss was larger than expected.

That is a major measurement of a nations economy health, and it isn't looking pretty.


Durable Goods Orders

7.12.16     Starbucks (SBUX) Raises Employee Hourly Rate ("Living Wage" scam)

And, raises their prices of good and services the very same day.


What a coincidence!



6.22.16     Required Minimum Distribution

For Those Turning 70.5 this year you must begin Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for most IRA’s and some retirement plans.


You can find more information here:




Just wanted to make sure this was on your radar screen and your CPA had advised any necessary strategies such as Rolloevers, etc.


6.11.16     Tangible Assets Selling Very Well, Setting New Records


New Record Sale for Spiderman Comic



Heritage 2016 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction performed very well!



6.5.16     Terrible Jobs Report



US has lost, likely permanently, over 1.3 million manufacturing jobs in the last eight years according to the US government bureau that tracks such figures:




At one point the lost had been over 2 million, but lower end hires, during the weakest economic recovery from a recession in over 130 years,  has pushed the numbers to a less spectacularly ghoulish figure.


These stable good paying middle-class building jobs have been replaced with temporary or part time jobs waiting tables and serving drinks. Why hire and pay a full time wage that requires the massive health care tax when you you simlpy hire two for the price of one - and offer benefits to neither?


Exactly, there is no reason...


6.3.16 Bought M and JCP

Retail due for a bounce, short to medium term.


Long term, they both get folded into better run companies.



5.30.16     The Living Memorial - Life is good

Food is plentiful, food is good, good is cheap = Life is Good


Why is food inexpensive?


Because the weather has been nearly perfect over most the world for 3 plus years! New lands are coming into production faster than old ones are fallowed. Productivity continues to rise. 


Mostly, the climate is more favorable to agricultural growth than at any time in the pat 10,000 years (last little ice age).


Want proof?


Increase in US Feed Grain Ending Stocks (stores) over last three years



Large increase in wheat production, with estimates for future production only increasing



Corn deficits were common all through last decade. Now, for seven of the last ten years production has met or outstripped demand!



Of course, the globalist asshats at the UN had erred in their predictions of future soft commodity output, just as they've been wrong with almost everything else -




And even better news for the world - price of these food commodities has either been steady or declining since the increase in production!


5.29.16     How Can the Federal Reserve Raise Rates When the Economy is So Poor?


The Fed turns hawkish?

Yah right. Why would we believe them this time?


This is the ONLY president to not grow the economy (GDP) over 3%.  Moreover, the regime has issued more more debt than previous 44  presidents combined!





We can't afford to pay the debt back, ever (which of course was always the plan).


Now we keep interest rates at artificially low rates so we don't even have to pay back the interest!


5.20.16     Never, ever, Give UP the Gold

(Well, if you can't pass it on gold should be the last thing you give up before giving up the ghost)


It may well be valued much more by someone after you pass this mortal coil...




5.20.16     Interesting article regarding the great silver melt.


The article was from 1999, basically the bottom of the commodity (incl. silver and

coin markets). The article also harkened back to 1985, another trough in the metals markets. Fascinating psychology at market lows. I mean, look how wrong most the opinions in that article were. Doom and gloom about the hobby. The experts COMPLETELY missed the mega boom in coin collecting and major bull run up in silver that started, literally, just a few weeks after that article came out. By the end of the first leg silver, languishing near all time lows had gone up 10x.

The lull in coin collecting completely evaporated and a new generation of young collector spawned with the advent of the US State Quarter Program introduced just a few weeks after that article. Millions of people were again collecting coins, from pocket change.

And, the third major lapse was a complete misunderstanding how the internet would forever change coin collecting! They simply did not see how ebay could bring collections straight into your living room without ever leaving the house. The web was also the great equalizer for information, lowly collectors were able to have access to real time sales and became savvy in a fraction of time it took heretofore. Another great silver melt ensued. And yet, you can still buy a roll of uncirculated 1958P quarters or 1955 halves, easily, with a couple mouse clicks today – both issues are available on ebay right now.

When the folks are ringing their hands over the storm clouds, plant some seeds – because the rain will bring a bumber crop.

Man, was I lucky to find kitco in 1999 after I had come to the conclusion buying silver, gold and collectible coins was the next big thing. Too bad I only started with a $4.50 grubstake…

5.19.16     Problem in the Bond Market

Least difference in basis points between two and five year US debt issues since 2007.

Every recession in last 100 years preceded by a flattening of the yield curve. Recession 2017 is baked in the cake. Standard procedure to tank the economy at the presidential change.

The ‘economic crisis’ allows yet another series of increasing burdensome regulations and controls on the populace.

5.18.16     Salon Believed Venezuela is a Modern Economic Miracle


5.18.16     Bernie just finished giving a speech in our town.

He drew a large crowd, open air at the waterfront. I got stuck behind his motorcade coming home.

Meanwhile, Hillary is in the city at a 20k/plate dinner with the glitteratti. Can't imagine the desire to purchase influence from such a beast.

Sure, she’ll get the vote of the fat/ugly women, most evil and the stupidest of the poor folks, but that’s the only groups she’ll carry.

The bad news: That’s a lot of folks nowadays….



5.11.16     Bank of England/Carney,

promises to punish Britizens with a recession if they vote for freedom and independence 



5.4.16     Australia Cuts Rates



Why, cuz Japan did so first?    


So much for the Australian school of economics…


5.4.16     US trade gap shrinks in March as imports fall



Imports of industrial supplies and materials lowest in over a decade!


5.3.16     Sold the US Dollar Position (UUP)

Had a nice run, time to profit…


11.11.11    Went Long UUP

First time position.  Tried to go long yesterday, but did not get filled.



5.3.16     Mario Draghi again blames German savers for low interest rates and slow economy.


Just another arrow slung against industrious German people. Those who build their personal portfolio and future, are being penalized – all in an effort to eliminate cash toward the ultimate goal of total control.


Those who hold cash are first demonized, criminalized next...


Good backgrounder:



5.3.16     Higher Yen - not working out how Abenomics predicted

The lower (and then negative) interest rates were supposed to drive the Yen lower, instead the Yen has increased and the USD has lowered.


Not a good sign…


4.26.16     NASA Unveils James Webb Telescope - Coated in Gold



My Father-in-Law helped design this space telescope...


4.25.16     SWIFT Financial Network Hacked, in Bangledash

Mainstream programming runs story of activist getting hacked instead as a cover story




4.25.16     Nice World Currency Coming to Auction in Chicago via Heritage


4.25.16     Moody's Lowers California's Credit Rating

Per KCBS 740


Wonder why the headline isn't in any of the US Press?



4.16.16     As an Electronic Freedom Frontier Fan



'Tis nice to read a good insight into how John Barlow first became interested in freedom of electronic media:




4.12.16     Nice World Currency Lot in Upcoming Heritage Auction

at Chicago Central States show this month...



4.9.16     Santa Clara Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Show

Returns to the Santa Clara Convention Center

5001 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA

Exhibit Hall D


Friday April 22nd, 2016 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday April 23rd, 2016 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday April 24th, 2016 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

You can get a coupon here: 






4.9.16     Quick - how many phases does water possess?

Is that your final answer?


The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU



4.8.16     International Mine Water Conference

In Pretoria SA May 11-13

IMWA, Lappeenranta University of Technology, WISA's Mine Water Division and Waterlab Pretoria are giving a Mine Water Short Course (“From Ground Water to Acid Mine Water”) between May 11th and May 13th 2016 in Brookly, Pretoria (Gauteng, South Africa). This Short Course will focus on general mining aspects, which help to understand the formation of mine water. It will cover key aspects of mine water geochemistry and the management as well as treatment of polluted mine water. The lecturer will be Prof Dr habil Christian Wolkersdorfer, SARChI Chair in Acid Mine Water Treatment and Finnish Distinguished Professor for Mine Water Management (you can find details about the course on the website).

Regular registration fees are R 4000 for the first two days and R 1500 for the field day. Discounts for IMWA / WISA members (R 3000 / 1200) and registered students (R 1000 / 300) are available (Registration includes course material and coffee/tea breaks. Lunch not included).

You can find all the details on this web site: http://wolkersdorfer.info/amd2016  and you can download the flyer from here: http://bitly.com/minewater2016.


4.1.16     Bloombergs’ New Energy Conference kicks off today



on the same day Sun Edison (solar scam) announces bankruptcy plans!


Naturally, the firm is also under a SEC investigation.


(no, not an april fools joke – just can’t make this stuff up; reality bites better)




3.26.16     They're Finally Coming Clean on the "Booster Shot' Scam

Gov't mandates 300% more Tetanus and Diphtheria shots than necessary.




Think they'll ever come clean on the 'flu shot' scam?


Nah, me neither...


3.25.16     FTC Broadly oversteps bounds, slapped by Judge

WASHINGTON--In pursuing its challenge the Staples Inc. and Office Depot Inc. merger, the Federal Trade Commission wanted Amazon to testify that it wasn't ready to serve large corporations' office-supply needs, a statement the company considered untrue, according to newly released testimony.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan called the matter "very disturbing" and this week chastised the FTC for asking Amazon to sign a document that contained such assessments with which the company disagreed.

Ongoing Criminal Fraud Waste and Abuse at Veterans Affairs

And everyone keeps their jobs!


How about providing abject care to a patient, then covering it up and destroying or falsifying records – yep, standard practice Occasionally (sniggles) someone even gets aught!


The same corrupt puppets stay in charge, Eric K. Shinseki still kept his post at the top of the dung heap even after the damning Inspector General (IG) report was released.

Independent investigation found massive fraud waste and corruption in 2014…


Independent investigation found massive fraud waste and corruption in 2011…


And on and on and on….

This goes back decades!

Whistleblowing and Retaliation in 1999


3.25.16     Useful Site to Screen a Hotel Room



3.13.16     Great Crypto Currency Statistics Site




3.1.16     For All the Super Tuesday Suckers, err, Voters

Feed the beast...




2.28.16     Global Warming Alarmists Have Been Wrong, for a Long Time

  • Earth HAS been in a cooling period

  • Global Warming Models were incorrect regarding early 20th century climate

  • Global Warming Models are currently incorrect



2.28.16     First Gold Coin Ever Struck


2.10.16     The Commodity that Really Matters - Water Worth the read...



2.19.16     EPA Required to act on Flint Water situation in 30 days, instead waited nine months…

There would have been sufficient time to provide bottled water (for drinking) and prevent a significant amount of child exposure.




2.15.16     Put some new coins books on the Reference Page



2.12.14     The Commodity that Really Matters - Water

Worth the read...


2.10.16     Another Obama Scam/Directive Blocked by Courts

This time the tax on the air you breathe met a stumbling block – name, that it isn’t legal by any stretch.

Love the comments on this one, Yahoo spends millions (while going broke/becoming irrelevant) pushing the statist agenda yet almost every ready takes a dig at their benefactor.



2.5.16     Just a so-so Superbowl

Last year I say a concert at Levi Stadium. 1.5 Billion to build the stadium. Thing is such a nightmare that long time niner season ticket holders are turning back in their season tickets.


The supershow was pretty humdrum. Only Bruno Mars displayed any real talent. For that matter the commercials were all rather pedestrian also. Guess we've been lucky with a number of good games in recent years, time to revert to the mean as with everything else.


Sloppy game in most aspects. No lead changes, not many great plays but many mistakes and miscues. Was fun watching cam have a meltdown. That play where he was sacked (again) in the endzone and immediately whined and cried for a foul? Too bad pumpkin, you lost the game. When it got rough - you folded. The set before, you should have gone after your own fumble instead of taking the easy way out. No class, no character.


2.4.16     Girl finds 500g gold bar while swimming in lake



Wonder what the story is behind that one...

2.4.16     Do Women Really Earn Less than Men for the Same Job?

No, not really….


2.4.16     "He serves the State best who opposes the State, most."

Henry David Thoreau
~Civil Disobedience


1.29.16     End of January Trading

US equities down 5-8% for the month.


As goes January, goes the year?


1.29.16     300 Scientist Call NOAA fraud on fudged 'global warming' data




It is this Committee’s oversight role to ensure that federal science agencies are transparent and accountable to the taxpayers who fund their research,” Smith told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Americans are tired of research conducted behind closed doors where they only see cherry-picked conclusions, not the facts. This letter shows that hundreds of respected scientists and experts agree that NOAA’s efforts to alter historical temperature data deserve serious scrutiny.”

Of the 300 letter signers, 150 had doctorates in a related field. Signers also included: 25 climate or atmospheric scientists, 23 geologists, 18 meteorologists, 51 engineers, 74 physicists, 20 chemists and 12 economists. Additionally, one signer was a Nobel Prize winning physicist and two were astronauts.

NOAA scientists upwardly adjusted temperature readings taken from the engine intakes of ships to eliminate the “hiatus” in global warming from the temperature record.

1.6.16     Those Entrusted to Serve and Protect Steal From Future Generations

Park Superintendent takes home human remains he is supposed to protect.




1.6.16     Why isn’t EPA Investigated for Pollution a River?



If a company polluted a river to this massive degree through negligence and then stymied efforts to determine why it happened, someone would be jailed!


1.5.16     Dime Sells for Almost $2 Million



1.4.16     Is Price of Oil to Begin an About Face and Start Going up?

Maybe not.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have different colored religions (that Sunni - Shia thang).

They are not friendly with each other, and things are heating up.

They have been the #1 and #2 OPEC producers by volume.

There won’t be any new/different OPEC decision (OPEC operates on consensus)

So, why won’t SA continue to lower the price by maintaining strong output?

For their part, Iran has not been receiving the money from oil sales due to embargoes.

Since the embargo just lifted, and Iran is just now ‘reporting’ oil sales – why report accurately?

And since they haven’t been receiving oil money, and have been living within their means, the new income is extra income. So, why not use that leverage to undercut Saudi price?

What will increase price of oil – sudden increase in world economic fortunes?

That doesn’t quite look like it is in the cards for the next few deck shuffles…


1.2.15     Mercury Mewl - 1/2/2016 - Major Change in Outlook


In May 2013 I became very bullish, even more so than I had already been, on the US equity and housing markets. My previous position had also been bullish US equities, as posted in October 2011. (The underpinning reasons and timeline are provided below; as originally posted May 1st, 2013.)


At that time I predicted 3-5 years of a very bullish US equity and housing market. Now, 2.5 years later, we are potentially near the end (or at least half way through the run). Hence, now provides a good opportunity to take some profits, pause and reflect.


I am now neutral the US equity and housing markets and cast a skeptical eye almost everywhere else.


There are plenty of folks becoming very bullish right now, there are many folks becoming quite bearish, and there are those that have been bearish for a while (and wrong).


Not many have been bullish and are now pulling back - but that is my stance.


2013-2015 US Equity and Housing Performance


2013 and 2014 were very good years in US equities and housing. Moreover, my trades went really well in that two year period. 2015 was a stock pickers year. The SPY and DOW ended down, yet some sectors and stocks outperformed.


2015 was very lackluster for wall street in general. Many trading houses could not even beat the equity averages. It was downright poor for some main streets across the US. 2016 may not be much different. The US residential housing market has also shown some poor results in the past 90 days, possibly symptomatic of future worsening performance.


Summary of my 2015 Public Trades

(Seven winners, one loser)


8) Sold GLD

Bought Dec 17th, high probability trade worked out for small profit.


7) 12.30.15 Sold Whole Foods

Bought Oct 27 a little under 31, sold for a decent trading profit.


6) 9.3.15 Sold SPY wannabe trade for a small loss (bought August 21st)


5) Sold RRD May 6. 2015

Nailed the 5 year bottom within 8 weeks (I bought 10.19.2012); paid a VERY nice dividend too, double or triple the 10yr bond. RRD is now down almost 20% from that peak in May.


4) 3.25.15 Sold PSQ for a small (2%) profit


3) Sold XLE at @80.44.

Good for about 3.5% gain over 8 week trade.


2) 2.12.15 Sold CSCO (a *very* old position) around @29.50 - within just cents of the 2015 high.


1) 2.12.15 Sold PAAS

@ 15% gain in 3 months


Notable Current Observations


In 2014 the Dow ended up for six years in a row, first time this has ever happened. 2015 was a down year, just barely, possibly a consolidation move in a longer trend that may last six months to 2.5 more years.


2016 - Funny Election Timing


1998, 2002 and 2008 all provided decent market panics. This year's US presidential election is significant and provides a higher than usual probability window for a finance or market panic (which are also about due chronologically). A wicked little trifecta.


If you look at recession timing over the years, you can see that a) we are overdue, and b) they tend to occur either right before or right after presidential elections.




When you look back at historical US equity action during presidential years, the S&P 500 has returned a very nice 7% each of those years. That is the figure the typical shill analyst will throw out, since they rarely go back more than 50 years.


However, Brian Belski looked at the data since 1928 and found that the SPY actually provide a 4% percent loss in the election years when Americans HAD to choose a new president, such as will be the case this year.




Furthermore, when you consider that equity markets do not like uncertainty, and then compare the very different set of beliefs the current candidates at least pretend to profess, the uncertainly level rivals many significant presidential elections in the last 120 years.


Of course, very few people look even 120 years into our political and economic past, such is the shallowness that passes for analysis today. Look at the Panic of 1896 and resulting election. Look at the Panic of 1907 and resulting election. These panics and elections served as critical socio-economic pivots points in our fair republic's history.


Non-US Correlated Asset Classes


Moving on from US-centric indicators, and looking at more international trends...


Though the major US equity markets were just barely lower several sectors, especially those not correlated with US equities, were creamed:


·         Hedge Funds worst year since 2011

·         Currency ETFs had worst year since 2011

·         Commodities continued major declines

·         Oil began a major free fall

·         US municipal bond market increasing problems in last quarter




- Parker Global Strategies LLC down 2.3% for the year

- Carry trade worst performance in seven years


Brazil's currency, the Real, was down almost 50% against USD in 2015.

Due to increasing Brazil problems, there is no reason to believe the performance of the Real will change direction in the short term. When you consider that almost unbelievably the Real had a record low at just 0.01 USD in January 1993(!) the drop may actually accelerate.


Emerging markets now constitute 40% of world GDP. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations have comprised much of that ratio. If you consider lack of growth in Brazil (continued problems, Olympic debt isn't pretty [Think Greece]); remove Russian growth (decline in oil prices; [US sanctions levied in 2014 have mostly been a farce] and consider a slowing China - there isn't much of an engine left. Continued US dollar strength, deteriorating international bond arrangements and lowered commodity values will remain a drag.


Bearish Scenario


Continued Currency and Interest Rate Trends

Against this background has been a Very Strong US dollar. Essentially I don't see any of those trends changing anytime soon. Continuance of the stronger US dollar will cause increasing pain in emerging market bonds.


Sovereign Debt and Bond Market Troubles

There are other distressing signs in the bond markets. The transfer of default from private capital markets in 2008/9 to the public sector is gaining steam (Puerto Rico default this week, Greece still and again, Spain yet to come). Also, the decline in the municipal bond market the last three months has been orderly, but clearly the market is not healthy. Dodd-Frank screwed this market up by essentially removing banks from having the ability to buy muni-bonds directly. Now, they basically act as market makers. In other words, easy to buy muni-bonds, tough to sell. Hope this doesn't take a further downturn, could get ugly.


Current Ideas

Possible Long Ideas

(These are NOT recommendations, just things I am looking at. Some are just setting up and a good entry point may still be off a ways)


US Dollar

Nikkei, DAX and FTSE related ETFs

SunAmerica International Div Strat I (NAOIX)



Gold will probably still decline with the rising dollar, but later this year may set up for the first buy signal in a number of years.


Possible Short Ideas

Japanese Yen

Brazil Reale

US Residential Housing and Commercial ETFs (Class B and C multi-family excepted)


Beyond 2016

The time between now and May-July should provide better clarity for the next two year period going forward. The major US equity and housing and dollar boom could continue, and perhaps accelerate into 2017. But prudence dictates protecting profits and putting the ear down to the ground for the time being.


Bottom Line

My long term bullish outlook for US equities and housing market has changed to neutral for the medium term (6-9 months). I am expecting continuation of some large macroeconomic shifts currently underway. As a result have been raising cash (Cash IS a position, especially in the USD) and will be looking for new opportunities in the next 6 months, which likely portend how the next 12-24 months will play out.


Hope you find this helpful, or at least semi-interesting.

If not, feel free to make fun of me...

~ mercury




5.1.13    Major Economic News: Sub-Prime Mortgages are back/Capital Write-offs of Housing Debt


Today saw one of the biggest pieces of economic news in many months: The powers- that-be will bring back Sub Prime Mortgage Loans and allow underwater homeowners to write off their capital losses.


Hooray for me (bad for the country)!


Here is the gameplan:


-The banks (and the little people) will be allowed to ‘write off’ their bad debt


-Broke folks will again be given sub-prime loans


-The housing market will finally ‘recover’ due to the influx of even worse loans


-The banking sector will prop up the equity markets to new highs


-The Whitehouse will ‘save’ the middle class with a ‘booming’ paper economy for 3-5 years


Then the bottom all falls out….



Here is the substantiation:



Off With His Head


Currently, Edward DeMarco is the (acting) head regulator of Federal Housing Finance Agency. The FHHA oversees Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, the two largest backers of home mortgages in the US.


The administration will NOT make DeMarco permanent because he won’t let the banks allow underwater homeowners to write off their capital losses. That is, if you own a home currently worth 200k but the mortgage is 300k, you still need to make payment on 300k or short sale the house.


However, DeMarco would NOT allow the banks to write off their bad loans because he knew it would simply be a transfer of debt FROM Big Banking to the US Citizenry.


DeMarco rebuffs Democrats:



The White House desperately needs some economic wins, given the very poor state of the overall economy (look at today’s abysmal job numbers). Hence, they wanted to sack DeMarco and instead install puppet Mark Zandi.




Back Scratching Gone Wrong


Of course, you may recognize the name Mark Zandi as the Chief of Moodys’s Analytics. That is the organization which gives out credit ratings and guaranteed the last decade of subprime loans as AAA while they knew the loans were actually garbage.  Naturally, Zandi is an operative of the criminal front known as Warren Buffet.  Buffet and his firm Berkshire has been the largest single investor of Moody’s for years; at one point he owned over 20% of the company (when Moody’s was perpetuating the subprime ratings fraud).


Neither Moody’s nor Buffet apologized for their role in the housing scam. Far from it, they have been rewarded handsomely:




Appointing Zandi was going to be the Whitehouse quid pro quo for Buffet’s ‘service’ to the Whitehouse.


However, something went wrong. Namely, even Zandi told the democratic wing that there was no way he would allow the banks to write off capital losses since that would prop up the housing market and stock market in the short run (3-5 years) but create extremely stressful fundamental shocks to the financial system.


Here’s why:


-       The banks would ‘write off’ the capital losses

-       Banking stocks would now be ‘worth’ much more and the financial sector would raise the stock markets to new highs

-       The Federal Reserve would ‘absorb’ the capital losses

-       The Federal Reserve will then transfer bad debt to US Treasury (same at TARP)

-       US Treasury would continue to sell debt (US Bonds) to finance these capital losses

-       Long Term, the debt is unsustainable and brings down the system


The Powers-in-Charge aren’t concerned about long term, they care about the next two election cycles – and feathering their own nests – that is all.


So, Zandi is no longer in play.


Enter the New King


Hence the President TODAY named Mel Watt (D - NC, 12th District) as the new nominee for head regulator of Federal Housing Finance Agency.








Because Mel Watt will allow capital write-offs to ‘help the suffering middle class’ and also allow the banks to again write subprime mortgages to ‘help the suffering middle class’.


Naturally, you and I know that Mel is bought and paid for by BIG BANKS. Look at his list of donors if you want further substantiation.  Though, all you really need to know is that Charlotte, NC is a Major banking center of the US. Guess which district Charlotte, NC is in? Yep, NC 13th District = Mel Watts.


The republicans in congress will put on a great kabuki theater opposing Mel Watts, but Mel will get the nod. (Or, in an alternate ending of the play, Watts gets shelved and parties settle in favor of the ‘reasonable’ Zandi who probably already gave his consent over the weekend).


The Sun Rises and the Sun Sets


-       The banks (and the little people) will be allowed to ‘write off’ their bad debt

-       Broke folks will again be given sub-prime loans

-       The housing market will finally ‘recover’ due to the influx of even worse loans

-       The banking sector will prop up the equity markets to new highs

-       The Whitehouse will ‘save’ the middle class with a ‘booming’ paper economy for 3-5 years


Then the bottom all falls out….hard.


12.30.15     Sold GLD

Bought Dec 17th, high probability trade worked out.


12.30.15     Sold Whole Foods

Bought 10.27 a little under 31, sold for a decent trading profit.


12.29.15     Tragic Death of Miner at Barrick Cortez Mine



Prayers to the family....


12.29.15     Dirty Harry Wants Federal Listing for Superfund Site




None of the Yerington Residents that I have talked to want this designation. They know the criminality of EPA (remember how EPA 'helped' Colorado last year by intentionally poisoning the river?)


Basically, a backdoor mechanism to tax Hollow Pumpkin and the other ore and mineral reserves that will supply Tesla superplant.


'EPA wallows in corruption'



EPA corruption in Gainseville



EPA Illegal Use of Communication to Evade Sunshine Laws



The documentation of EPA Superfund fraud goes all the way back to the beginning of the program...

12.21.15     Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax
PeterLBrandt -


12.21.15     Sea Rise (nearly immeasurable) has been going on steadily since before the industrial revolution.

At least sea level rise is a lot slower than it used to be, although it has been rising since the end of the ice age about 15000 years ago. I blame your SUV.



12.20.15     Historic San Francisco Mint - Stripped from the Historical Society

and access given to just-in-time shell firm so the 1% can hold cocktail parties without the ragtag public attendant in a public building.




12.18.15     If you Ever Doubted that US Democrats and Republicans are on the Same Side

Look at the 2016 budget and process...


12.18.15     Bear With Me

Great video of Russian Bear rehab operation and eco school...




12.18.15     Most Americans do NOT support ban on automatic weapons




12.18.15     Amazing - when you take out the doctored NOAA- 'adjusted' temperature data


The earth temperature data averages then decrease.




Go figure! (har)


This level of data fraud should result in jail time...


The Fraud of 97% of Scientists believe in global warming:




Think about it, have you EVER gotten a large group of folks to almost unanimously agree on ANYTHING?



12.13.15     Loaded a Few Nicer Barber Quarters onto the Site,

Check them out...


12.8.15     Mandatory Reading



12.6.15     Story in A Picture


12.4.15     Armed Women on Campus

A beautiful sight!



(1925 Drexel Shooting Team)


12.5.15     Guess Who?

- Push to import illegal aliens,

- Settles these aliens, illegally, in communities that don’t want them

- Aliens snap and kill the hosts, made defenseless by ‘gun free zones’

- Then blames the defenseless citizenry and further tries to restrict guns away from law abiding citizens against constitution protection

Your mission: Guess who this person is, and try to determine why they don’t meet this

definition: Domestic Enemy of Our State

12.5.15     Hillary's Accomplishments 

Hey look, someone finally found a picture of Hillary’s accomplishments during her tenure as secretary of state:

12.5.15     Homeland Security Record

- 95% Fail Rate

- 72 DHS employees actually on the terrorism watch list




The War on Terror is not about protecting YOU from terror. Rather, it is a war using Terror on YOU.


11.29.15     Millennials Got Some Serious Issues



Love the comment!

(Broke and Clueless is NOT a great combo)


11.30.15     Folks Cry about the Koch Brother Donations

They are way down this list of influence peddlers -




11.29.15     For those that us a Neti Pot for Colloidal Silver or perform Ritual Ablution

Something you may not be aware - use caution to not transmit Naegleria Fowleri amoeba Though uncommon, this bacteria can cause sever sickness or death. Infection typically caused by exposure via contaminated water in the nostril. Utilize proper decontamination of equipment via sterilization or bleach. Only use boiled (and cooled), distilled or sterile water for rinse solutions.


11.22.15     NASA Climate Data Altered to Suit Political Agenda

Analysis here -



11.22.15     Pay Day at Paris Welfare Office



11.22.15     Great Anti-War Movie Made by One of Original Nine Disney Illustrators



11.20.15     Upcoming US Coin Shows this Weekend, maybe One Near You -



11.20.15     Some Great Chinese Currency Notes in Upcoming Heritage Auction



11.20.15     Financial Times hacks attack at Bitcoin

They even try to come up with their own school of economics to disparage the new technology and creation:








11.19.15     Global Trade is Slowing



11.19.15     While the Fewls Follow Scripted Televised Farce

The BLM says it will remove ANOTHER 20 Million Acres from productive use for TWO Decades.




Cuz of the grouse. Har! Cuz the reserves were sold to the chinese in partial payment of debt. Just like OPM sold the background clearance of every US employee to the chinese earlier this year. 


The stakes are getting higher...


11.19.15     Pershing Gold Releases PEA for Relief Canyon Project



This claim started as a 1,100 land locked parcel, now over 25,000 acres. Last time I drove up Coal Canyon Road (August) I was passed by miners in a Hurry to get to their job, har!


On the other end of the Humboldt Range is the Florida Canyon Mine.


Florida Canyon has produced gold for many years. However, active mining is dormant - in large part - because the last few operators have had little ability to run a mine.


Jipangu was a hot mess



The current operator had a decent start...



and attempted some creative power operations



...but they shut down active operations again earlier this year.


Word around the Pershing County campfire: lack of experience.


11.18.15     So, Here is What 'Refugee Placement' Looks like



Coming to a town near you~


(or, maybe your town)


11.18.15     Do you Have BitCoin?

You *might* be a terrorist!




11.11.15     Imperial Prussian Hermann Julius Wilm Silver and Cut-Glass Centerpiece


This is gorgeous!  Prussia doesn't exist anymore, but her art lives on.




In the end Tangible Assets are the ONLY assets that remain...


11.11.15     Coins Of The Year Awards


Some real beauties here!




11.2.15     Last Year's Flu Shot Did Not Work



Why do they 'give away' the 'prevention' when they make so much money on the 'cure'?


Ever think about that one???


11.2.15     Climate Court

Who elected these overlords?




meanwhile, Antarctic ice continues to grow....




11.1.15     Gun Violence lowest at any time in decades, and continues to decline:




11.1.15     Added some nice Seated Dimes and Quarters to the Inventory


10.27.15     DeCarbonization

Just more doublespeak for 'taxing the air'.

California already tries.

Amazing how poorly even they can implement the scam...




10.27.15     Went long Whole Foods (WFM); hopefully for a tradable bounce. Seven down days in a row?


10.25.15     Added some Nice Half Dimes including a Tough 1800 to the inventory page


10.6.15     El Nino Begins in Southern California


Mudslides close I-5 and Ca-58




58 hardly ever closes. There's been times where every pass over the Sierra was closed (snow) and I've had to drive 250 miles to go over Tehachapi pass. 20 feet of mud on the highway, currently, in some locations.


better find my galoshes...


10.6.15     Some Fantastic Picasso Ceramics in Current Heritage Lot:



And some fantastic art pieces in this writeup:




(A History of caricatures and political cartoons)

few years back I came across a small lot of ceramic tile, decided to keep a few pieces and name it a 'collection'. (As a point of fact, some pieces out of San Jose are rather sought after).

Remember a friends father years ago that kept a nice assortment of collections, one of which was Italian fresco tiles. As one of his sons kept the property, I imagine the collection lies intact.

(in years passed I have pined over some of the great Nevada collections that had been broken up and filleted for fiat by undeserving heirs. It's hard to tell even if the Wynn collection is still growing, or if he has been selling off into what had been a great market last few years).

10.6.15     An Ode to Dan De Quille

Of all the great wealth produced in Virginia,  the literary nuggets proved finer than most.

all have read and enjoyed Twain, indeed hardly a week goes by I don't read one of his oft quoted quips in some dumbed-down swill passing as culture.

Yet rarely see a quote by Twains mentor, Dan De Quille.  Each visit at VC I dedicate some time to reading more of De Quilles work. An amazing writer and editor, absolutely on par with Clemens at his height, yet relegated to the tailings of history.  Not only was the man one of the most and respected western writers of the era, his absolute understanding of the mining industry out assayed the majority of 'engineers' who played the trade.

After the ores played out, and historians reflected on whose estimate of Virginia City ores proved most fair - Dan De Quilles geologic reckoning proved almost dead on. The writer quietly functioned as one of the elite geologists during amercia's most storied precious metals boom.

An amazing American Renaissance man nobody knows

10.6.15     Security:

time to batten the hatches?




10.6.15     Coincidence theory:


The sheltered domain of those that cannot see sets in math, designs in nature and patterns throughout history.


10.16.15     US Navy Training Video



Since about 1950 the Navy and Army have trained to use offensive biological weapons on populations to kill and maim and devastate food production.


Why would they not use the same on their enemies within the states ('extremists', 'conservatives').


Too big a stretch for you?


10.16.15     No Matter What it Does - India Can't Stop her People from Buying Gold

Curbs on imports didn't work  So now the government will try to....sell gold to their people?




10.6.15     Nope. POTUS still hasn't lowered US Flag or come on TV proposing to ban bombs

Even though more folks, including US personnel, were killed in a bomb blast the same day an avowed Satanist shot up a school full of people disarmed by force by the US Govt.




10.6.15     Sweet Run of Fantastic Four Comics!




Tangible assets are the penultimate assets...


(spiritual gifts are higher)


10.6.15     Eric P. Newman Currency Collection


not too shabby:




10.2.15     Civil War Era Baseball Card sells for 180k!





9.18.15     Kovel's Top 20 Searched Terms for Antiques


1) Fenton glass

2) Occupied Japan

3) McCoy pottery

4) Depression glass

5) Delft

6) Wedgwood

7) Bavaria

8) Coca-Cola

9) Stove

10) Capo-Di-Monte ceramics

11) Hull pottery

12) Banks

13) Pepsi-Cola

14) Lamps

15) Haeger pottery

16) Dinnerware

17) Scales

18) Satsuma pottery

19) Nippon

20) Belleek


As usual, the comments are more enlightening than the 'story':


"You can't GIVE away most of the items on this list, let alone sell them. Searches are from old folks nearing the wrong side of the grass checking to see what their stuff is worth & relatives of folk already dead looking to see what to sell this stuff for at a yard or estate sale. Speaking of Estate Sales, the Kovals would do well to visit a few of them at the end of the LAST day to see hundreds of items from their list sitting on tables ready to be packed for the thrift shop or landfill. The antique/collect ible biz is still strong (see Flea Market Flip, Salvage Dawgs or Pickers) but, alas, I fear it has left the Koval family behind."


9.7.15     Added some more Indian Head Cents to Inventory


9.7.15     Lightning Kills 19

Why are there not 'common sense' laws to prevent this 'needless tragedy' and 'protect the children'.




NO - of course I am not anti lightning, or want to take away your lightning.


I just 'feel' that you need regulations, and an entire bureaucracy that goes along with it, to make sure that you are using properly grounded electrical devises, have no frayed wires, use GFI where required and a simple background check to ensure you can properly operate such devices. Naturally, there will be a small 'fee' to build the database to register your GFIs, blenders (and all other electronic devices) and monitor your use with registered agents of the state. I am sure there won't be any objection to making sure that you don't go outside when the state declares a 'weather event!


Common sense, right?


9.4.15     Coin Shows this weekend:



There's a few, business typically picks up here in the fall months (especially if the stock market antics continue).


9.4.15     This day in 1908 a fire destroyed the mining boom town of Rawhide Nevada

In essence, since Rawhide was the last the great Nevada mining camp extravaganzas - the great Comstock Boom era evaporated with the smoke...


https://books.google.com/books?id=LT54rVzP_RAC&lpg=PA105&ots=7VsF1SFipw&dq=Rawhide, NV September 4, 1908&pg=PA105#v=onepage&q=Rawhide, NV September 4, 1908&f=false


9.3.15     Just Seven Years ago ABC News promised Environmental Apocalypse for 2015:


Well, sure we were completely wrong then, but not this time!

Pleeeaaassse pass the tax on air, for the kids you know…


9.3.15     Sold SPY wannabe trade for a small loss

Would like to put some money to work, had raised cash earlier this year by selling some positions...

9.3.15     Folks asked my Thoughts on Burning Man

(FBI Spying on Burning Man)



(I like the comments on this one!)

Whadya expect from the total surveillance state?

uh-hu - only since 2010, righto....Hell, the ATF was sending folks out there in the 90s. You could always spot them easily, they were way out of their element and typically 5-10 years behind on the technology. Imagine the FBI has fallen even further behind.

And, of course, the women were laughing at them...

8.29.15     Street Economics, literally

Picked up the last Ten ATM Withdrawals receipts I found on the ground.  Here was their withdrawal amount followed by balance:


Wdl: $80     Bal: $493.43

Wdl: $200   Bal: $297.02

Wdl: $20    Bal: $5,680.19

Wdl: $80    Bal: $443.77

Wdl: $100 Denied; $100 from savings Denied; Wdl from savings: $80; DENIED

Wdl: $100   Bal: $678.35

Wdl: $120   Bal: $1,997.80

Wdl: $200   Bal $23,874.59

Wdl: $80     Bal: -$282.63

Wdl: $100  Bal: $3,442.37


Of those ten random people, only one had more than $5,000 in their checking account. Five of them had less than $500 available, and one of those was negative with another having less than $80 available.


Does this look like a booming economy to you? This is not outside the welfare office in Cleveland or at a Walmart in Alabama, this is Chestnut and Union streets in the Marina district - one of the most chi-chi and expensive booming places to live in North America. Plenty of high tech denizens and German tourists.  Average two-bedroom apartment rent is over $2,500 a month. A modest 3-bed, 2-bath flat, with one parking spot (no yard) and $350/month HOA to paint the one wall showing to the street is $3.1Million USD.


And these folks are having trouble keeping $500 in the bank!


Street economics is a harsh mistress, no false answers here...


8.29.15     Neat Graphic Which Shows Change of Baseball Logo's Since Beginning of Professional League



8.29.15    Molycorp closes her doors, again



You can not mine these rare earth elements at a profit in California, by design.


In fact, you can't find rare earth minerals anywhere in the US today!


Not a good development...


8.21.15     Bought SPY

First long position this year....


8.19.15     Abortionist cuts through a baby’s face, heart still beating, to harvest organs



Hey a profit is a profit, right?


8.16.15     Added some more Large Cents to the Inventory


8.14.15     Massive Release of poison by EPA into Animas River was on purpose!



The did it for the money. What's the damage in killing a river or two (or the private business sector) when it looks good for the resume!


Directed malfeasance, the standard modus operand of the FED EPA - a criminal cartel.


8.11.15     EPA Creates Massive Environmental Catastrophe

Badly and Illegally pollutes a major river with multiple contaminants. EPA refused to follow the regulations (NPDES) it forces citizens to follow = directed malfeasance. This deserves criminal prosecution.


Too bad it isn't the first major fuckup by EPA, more like just another snarl in a very long rope strangling our country....


8.4.15     AAPL

Broke down under 200 Day EMA support today....


8.4.15     Why it isn't illegal to shout 'fire' in a crowded theatre:



7.31.15     Senior Center for Disease Control Whistlblower: CDC Covering up scientific Vaccine-Autism Link




Typically someone with a vestige of conscience left isn't allowed a senior level at CDC. Can you imagine trying to look yourself in the mirror after covering up your own studies which showed a vaccine caused autism!


7.24.15     Added a bunch more Large Cents to our Inventory


7.4.15     Good Read By Ellen Brown on History of Banking



7.3.15     Free Comic Book Grading at the Convention in San Diego this Weekend

CGC will be grading Comic Books at the San Diego Comic-Con; currently underway:




6.29.30     On the purported Greek Exit from the Euro

Despite the farce and absurd comments from the chorus, do not believe a 'Grexit' is in order.


Sure, the brinkmanship will go to the last minute, only to punt at the latest moment (standard political trope for progress).


Look at it this way - is the world headed toward more national sovereignty, or absolute control via larger and more totalitarian blocs?


You know the answer.


This 'crisis' will not go to waste. The puppet controllers will exert maximum pain on the people, demonstrating a 'problem,' which requires an 'answer'.


The answer "A common Euro without a common fiscal policy has proven unsuccessful".


Hence, there needs to be a common fiscal policy amongst all the nation states.


That is, one europe, no state.


6.29.15     Largest type of Fraud is Control Fraud, committed by the banks.

If you want to rob a man, use a gun.

If you want to rob the world, use a bank.

The best way to rob the bank is to own the bank.

6.24.15     Water Quality Data from the Refugio Spill



So, it the spill never released contaminants above action levels, why spend millions of federal dollars on overtime?


6.24.15     Congress Attempts to Raise Taxes yet Again


This time with a new Environmental Tax on Corporations



Just the salvo shot in a coming barrage of 'environmental taxes' leading up to the big one - Carbon Tax on Everything you Do administered by the world bureaucracy.


Its all for the children donthcnyaknow!


6.24.15     Study Shows Conservatives Better at Self Control than Liberals

Always found this type of psychology study intriguing (and have noted the comparative lack of such).



Doesn't take a rocket scientist to observer folks that vote for big government do so because they are generally incapable of running their own lives...


6.13.15     Doing What I can to Support the Next Best Young Thinkers Around



6.13.15     Today, in 1864 - Mark Twain published his first piece since moving from Nv to Ca.




6.12.15     California Water Resources Board Strikes Again

Another in a long line of massive blunders, Cal Resources Board (appointed political hacks) shut down California Senior Water Rights holders.




First time since 1977. Naturally, they oppose senior rights (1914) and prevent them from pumping since these rights are mostly food production rights and the politically appointed hacks need to protect their bosses, the political whores in San Francisco. Yep, San Francisco is protected since it has 1902 rights. The most unsustainable city on the western seaboard will drain every last drop out of the sierra and continue to come up with even new eventful ways of wasting water  and power (which they also don't produce).


And - of course - the Water Resources Board has opposed all major desalinization projects (Cal Am, Carlsbad, etc.) for one simple reason - they don't want a diverse water portfolio in the state. Instead, they crave absolute control so when they wield their incompetence EVERYBODY knows!


As far as I can tell, they are trying to lower themselves to the level Air board, and unfortunately, they are getting there quick in a hand basket...


6.9.15     NGC Releases Token and Medal Census

Great new resource for collectors.  Good job NGC!



6.5.15     Upcoming US Coin Shows this weekend:


6.4.15     NOAA Does not Enjoy the Fact that the Data Show Global Warming Has Stopped

So they CHANGE the data!




6.4.15     Some Fantastic Mineral Specimens Coming up for Auction by Heritage



6.2.15     S&P 500 Evaluation

Price to Earning Growth (PEG) ratio is high compared to the mean. That said all asset classes all over valued by classical definitions.


The S&P shows relative strength by by bouncing off the 2100 level and 50 DEMA.


However, given these artificial and absurdly low interest rates, the valuations shouldn't be constrained to past ratios.  After all, this financial fairly tale dared enter a new chapter in tall tales.


6.1.15     TSA Missed 95% of Explosives in Test



In other words, NOBODY has tried to bring a bomb through an airport in the past decade.


And likely none before that date either...


We knew the guy in charge Johnson (who just resigned) was an appointed political hack not up to the job. The last guy in charge at 'Homeland', Chertoff, was placed at the standard lobbyist legal firm. Same one Eric Holder slithered back to. Chertoff represents the four major firms that sell 95% of security equipment to TSA!


We knew that the TSA would fail, government run operations typically do.  They aren't set up to succeed, they exist to funnel contracts to crooked political backers.


What we didn't know is the depth of despair americans have reached where they fail to even speak out against this atrocious injustice, abuse and theft from domestic enemies.


6.1.15     Government Scrubs Vaccine Damage Data

Pulls down website that shows skyrocketing injury claims for damage done by vaccines




5.24.15     Nascent movement afoot to replace Andrew Jackson on the 20$

Click for the PMG Article:



Can't imagine having nothing better to do with my time...


5.23.15     Site to Check for Fraudulent US Postal Money Orders



5.22.15     May 27, at 12 noon, at the Chevy's in Fairfield, Ca (1730 Travis Blvd) Scott Griffin (GriffinCoin.com) will host a presentation titled "Gold as Currency".


Scott will discuss Gold's role in the new economic environment, as well as discuss some practical strategies related to Gold. Light appetizers will be served. Please arrive at 11:45am to register. Scott is a wealth of knowledge and key player in the San Francisco Bay coin arena, don't miss it!


5.8.15     Happy Birthday F.A. Hayek

And our generation has a grifter like krugman getting press...


5.8.15     First BitCoin vendor in US receives a 'banking license'

Rather defeats the purpose, eh?




5.7.15     Some Great Mineral Specimens in Upcoming Heritage Auction Lot


Salt of the earth:






5.6.15     Entered 'smart car virus' Into the ‘search engine’



So, either I just invented a new phrase that absolutely nobody ever coined before….




The search engine happens to be moving away from ‘hits’ to ‘truth’.

(and just so happens to be developing a self-driven smart car)

Coincidence, naturally


Ok, ok, fine…I’ve heard the clamor -

And I’ll chat - just this once –a wee bit about Canadian Mining.


5.7.15     GIVE IT UP for Primero!


Practically NOBODY in the Sector is making $$, except for Primero.


And they have performed amazingly admirable turning Black Fox from a surface to a sub-surface deposit!


You think that looks easy?


Impressive, and nary peep out there...



May 06, 2015 07:00:00 (ET)

Primero Reports First Quarter 2015 Results; San Dimas Achieves Record Quarterly Production

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - May 06, 2015) -

Primero Mining Corp. ("Primero" or the "Company") (TSX: P) (NYSE: PPP) today reports financial and operational results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2015. The Company is pleased to report strong production of 61,073 gold equivalent ounces(1) , a 54% increase compared to the first quarter of 2014, at total cash costs(2) of $699 per gold equivalent ounce. Primero also reports first quarter revenues of $73.3 million, operating cash flow before changes in working capital(3) of $18.8 million ($0.12 per share), and net income of $3.6 million ($0.02 per share).



5.6.15     RR Donnelly and Sons did well today



Nailed the 5 year bottom within 8 weeks; paid a VERY nice dividend too, double or triple the 10yr bond.


At this point, the Dividend Players need to be on point.


Janet the Jawbone rambling on about potential ‘high valuations’, and more dangerously, potential sharp increase in rates is purposely shaking the money tree.


Lying stunt, obviously – we are more likely to see negative interest rates than a sharp rise in the rates….



10.19.12    Might not be a Bad Time to pick up Shares of RR Donnelly

Assuming that their error (Ticker: RRD) yesterday front-running the poor GOOG financial results was not indicative of larger problems.

A friends mother retired from RRD, has historically been a very well run company.


4.29.15     Doesn't Take the Leviathan State Long

California already scheming how to undue 160 years of water rights.

In other words, steal from the users and producers.




Same ol' Same ol'...


4.27.15     Fantastic Ansel Adams Collection coming to market:



Some great National Park material!


4.26.15     Added some new Three Cent Pieces to Inventory:

http://www.coinmine.com/Inventory/Coins/Odd size.half.two.three.twenty/oddsize.htm


4.17.15     IF you can't shut down mining via Congress,

THEN use the EPA@



4.17.15     SantaClara Coin Show this weekend

You can get a coupon off admission here:



Other coin shows across our nation this weekend:




3.27.15     Coming up - Chicago International Coin Fair celebrates 40 years
World coins and currency, ancient coins, and antiquities at the 40th Annual Chicago International Coin Fair April 9-12 in Rosemont, Ill.



3.26.15     60 Minutes Actually pays attention to Rare Earth Metals





Molycorp even lifter herself off her deathbed for a few moments to look around...


3.25.15     Sold PSQ for a small (2%) profit

not bad for 30 day swing trade. Third up day in a row, but just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere with conviction. These ETFs, due to built in time decay, simply aren’t good long term holds....


3.10.15     Same San Francisco Apple Store that had Line out the Door for the I6 phone.

Big Reveal watch yesterday - revealed - a mostly empty space…




3.1.15  Took a break but now back in action. Added a bunch of AU Morgan Dollars for sale!


2.25.15     Shorted QQQ (via inverse ETF) this am

First time years...


Can NASDAQ have 11 up closes in a row with a 30PE?


2.12.15 Sold XLE at @80.44.

Good for about 3.5% gain over 8 week trade.


2.12.15     Sold CSCO around 29.50


2.12.15     The Future is Clear

– the Administration wants a piece of YOUR Retirement Account



2.12.15     Sold PAAS

That was Nov 15th with Priced around $10.20.

Today $11.75

About 15% gain in 3 months



11.25.14     PAAS Downgraded

"DJ Pan American Silver Cut to Mkt Perform From Outperform by Raymond James "


Somebody is starting to accumulate....


2.8.15     Global Warming Data: Mostly Faked, a Staged Farce



Cheat on your taxes - go to jail.

Cheat the world to implement an new carbon tax - get elected.




2.6.15     Man Find

s Massive Gold Nugget on his Walk



A walk a day IS good for the health (and sometimes wealth)


2.5.15     NGC Announces Label BuyBack Program



2.5.15     CME to End Most Open Outcry Futures Bids


End of an Era

For that matter, why not just let the computers buy and sell? err.....


1.30.15     Interesting Blog Article About 'Deep Storage' US Gold Bullion

All that backs up our currency, and it isn't much!




1.27.15     Wells Fargo Smash and Grab -
Thieves drive car through glass, steal historic California gold nuggets.


Only 10k worth of nuggets stolen? Makes me wonder what the real story might be…

At one point this was a very nice collection!


1.27.15     ‘Historic Storm’ predicted by US Govt meteorologists
turns out to be nothing more than a light snow.

Of course, these ones modeling out ‘global warning’ panic scenario *can't* be wrong....



1.21.15     General US Equity Market Sentiment Charts


Three Bullish

Six Bearish

Eight Neutral


VIX at a seven year low!


1.21.15     Counterfeit Detection: 1924-S Buffalo Nickel



1.21.15     Can 3D Printers Create Counterfeit Coins

I suppose the slabs are already being created w/ 3D printers.

 [Since I rarely buy certified coins, it isn't that much an issue with me (I buy raw coins and then get the plastic later).[

 However, the coins are a different beast. Extruded coins would exhibit similar tells to cast coins. Not many good cast counterfeits. The best counterfeits IMO are manipulated originals since they'll have all the same specs and nuances, with just one change.


1.20.15     Upcoming Coin Shows

Jan 23, 24, 25: San Jose Coin Club Show at Double Tree Hotel


25th Annual Wasatch Winter Coin Show
Jan 23rd - Jan 24th, 2015Sandy, UT


Westchester Coin & Stamp Show
Jan 23rd - Jan 25th, 2015 White Plains, NY


51st Annual Coin & Currency Show, Treasure Coast Coin Club
Jan 24th - Jan 25th, 2015 Vero Beach, FL


and many more...



1.14.15     When Everything you Own Spies on You for the Machine


Is your machine the servant or master?




This hasn’t got any press but, naturally, BMW is about the worst offender of all.


Their 2015 e-vehicle is not only frying public charging stations, they are actually causing Prius and Leafs that use the same charger to exhibit a check engine light that must be corrected at the dealer.


Then of course there’s the pay angle. BMW is intentionally destroying public car charger networks because they are trying to build their own, starting in Shanghai where the public is used to absolute graft, fraud, viruses and counterfeiting as a way of life:




There will come a time (after the virus hits, EMP blast or simply when they lock you out of your own equipment) when you look back and realize you could use an analog version of all those items only possessed in digital form.



1.14.15     John Mauldin and Team are Convinced about BitCoin

And explain their rationale here:




Certainly would not pay for his S&P prognostications (has been terrible) but his meta work have been decent.


1.13.15     How come...

when I enter 'smart car virus' into the search engine, I get no hits?
(not a hot topic at the Detroit Auto show this week, har?!?)


1.13.15     Hacking of Sony Bitstamp, Home Depot, Target etc

Guess the government ‘solution’:
No encryption for the terrorists, only the government...


1.13.15     10 Year US Note now at 20 month lows

Looks like it wants to go back to 2012 lows @ 1.57 for a triple bottom.

Wonder what fun (false flag) event will be the trigger for that slide!?!


1.13.15     Large Smartphone Theft in France Last Year

Was completely unreported by the press.

Well, the press is full of stories about single smartphone thefts. You can read that folks are willing to pay 500$ ransom to get their own phones back.

But, you didn’t read about the major theft of NEW Nokia phones in France.

Not a peep.


By now you probably realize that your smart phone is a tracking device. Even when turned off. Even with the battery removed.

BUT – a brand new phone, one not yet turned on, has not yet established the honing signal.

And this feature makes a new stolen phone a very valuable commodity. Just about the only piece of advanced communications that is truly untraceable.

You think the ‘terrorists’ would like a truckload of stolen phones?

Yep. Would allow establishing a complete, unknown and untrackable cell network within minutes.

Think the government wants to keep untraceable communications devices out of EVERYONE'S hands?

Double yep!


12.30.14     Naughty Notes

The hidden world of secret notes engraved on circulating bills




Apparently there is more than one way to debauch a currency!



12.14.14     The Most Important Story of the Month you Never Heard:

December 2014 MarketCounsel Conference


A government powerful enough to provide is powerful enough to take it all away


And that is exactly the goal!


Few stories provide such a simultaneous cautionary tale harbinger of increasing government harassment and confiscation as this story, and it has been absolutely buried in both the press and the industry.


During the week of December 8th the Finance Industry held the Las Vegas MarketCounsel Conference.


The highlight, by all accounts, was the 'debate' between Mark Cuban and Chris Cox (former Secretary of the Securities and Exchange Commission).


For those following the NFL and Kardashians, Mark Cuban in a very successful and outspoken american entrepreneur. (And for that he has paid a very dear price).

The SEC is nominally charge with protecting the American Public by monitoring the securities industry and preventing fraud. 


However, the reality is the SEC protects fraud rackets as very well documented by the Madoff example.  Citizen Harry Markopolos provided the SEC, over a period of years, absolutely solid and substantiated evidence that Madoff was running a fraudulent Ponzi scheme. Rather than investigating, the SEC covered it up, covering for their true masters and showing their factual mission - protect fraudulent economic crime at all costs.


Instead of prosecuting actual criminals such as Madoff and bosses at SEC charged with cover-up, waste fraud and abuse - the SEC trumped up bogus charges against Mark Cuban and tried for a decade to find an actual problem. Naturally, they failed.


Cuban was able to defend against malicious persecution by the government because he is a billionaire. Even then by his words he lost sleep, suffered tremendously and wasted 20$ Million of his own money to defend his name.


If that is the cost a billionaire must pay, what chance do you have? We all know the answer.


This week, the former SEC chairman could not and did not demand criminal actions by the SEC. Rather, he spilled the beans and agreed with Mr. Cuban. Namely, the SEC is a rogue criminal cartel, prosecuting those that would speak out against the current power structure.


Details (scant) may be found here and practically nowhere else:




Ok, so what. We all know the regime is corrupt beyond redemption and that the mission is to destroy the country from within. What is the news here?


The story going forward is one of startling danger and a signposts of the massive crisis yet to come - the destruction of the US Municipal Bond market.


Once the rates rise, US municipal bonds (general debt obligations of city, county and state governments that allow borrowing from the public to ensure day to day operations) are very fragile.  Rising interest rates provided the backdrop where Orange County California defaulted.


The Bond Market is ten times the US Equities markets.


And guess how many folks the SEC employs to oversee the gargantuan municipal bond market that affects countless aspects of all lives on the planet?


Six employees!


Draw your own conclusions and divest or prepare accordingly...



12.11.2014     Stamp Revival?


Recently met a woman that opened a used/old stamp store. Didn't think there were any new stamp collectors!


But the lady told me her biggest group of new customers was developmentally challenged children (and parents), especially those on the autism spectrum. Apparently in depth analysis of stamps, watermarks and color somehow helps. FWIW.


Not exactly one of those intuitive correlations, and not necessarily the best reason for a stamp revival...


12.11.14     Does the Regime Want to Keep Re-flating the housing Bubble?

Well, Does the Pope enjoy his Private Bank?


Fannie and Freddie slush fund revived - the epitome of crony fraud:




12.11.2014     2015 - Return of Stated Income Loans




12.11.14     Will Bitcoin Volatility Increase in 2015?

It should.  IRS now treats Bitcoin as a commodity rather than a currency. So, losses are able to be written off against gains - which provides a real reason to trade.


12.11.14     Coin of the Year Award came out

Is it worthy?




12.11.14     Minimum Wage Hurts Low Income Workers

Of course, that is exactly what Austrian Economics predicts.

No surprise the facts once again support the theory (since the theory is based upon centuries of facts).




Nor is it a surprise that the poverty pimp industry wants to keep the poor forever poor (or hopefully even more poor) since that captive underclass is their break and butter dependent demographic.


12.10.14     The New Trotskyites

Not only do they demand that Nevada remain 89% party owned...

They demand that it become completely unproductive:




12.8.14     Went long XLE for better or worse
Falling knife or butter my bread?


12.6.14     Added a New Page on Our Homepage

A link to upcoming coin shows in the US


See here:



12.3.14     Coin Shows this Weekend:



Thursday, Dec 04, 2014 to Saturday, Dec 06, 2014

George R. Brown Convention Center, Hall A

1001 Avenida de las Americas

Houston, Texas 77010


Las Vegas Numismatic Society Coin Show

Palace Station Hotel & Casino

2411 W Sahara

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102


Gold Coast Coin Club

Mardi Gras Casino

831 North Federal Highway

Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009


12.3.14     Great Old Mine Mini e-Tour



at least this one is being put to some use:




12.4.14     California in a Big Drought

But cutting back water use not really a priority.


You know, environmentalism is nice in theory, but when it comes to practice - let the other guy do it!




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