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To good to be true?

Look what I got in my internetmail…

FROM: Morethancanbe Said.

Baghdad, Iraqisatan

DEAR:Fellow Patriot,

My Name is Morethancanbe Saiud, an Iraqis National and Chief Accountant in the Iraqi Government Oil Refinery Reconstruction Porkject in Dubya, Iraq.  I am presently in Baghdad since the latest U.S. precision airstrike leveled my home, neighborhood, and Soccer Field in Fallujah.

Since nobody in particular was keeping tabs, I moved $50M US dollars to an Oil Depository Trust Company in Tehran, Iran for safe-keeping.  In my capacity as the Chief accountant to the Iraqi Oil Refinery Reconstruction Porkject, I was the only person aware of this financial transaction to the Oil Depository Trust within the Tehran Uranium Security Company in Iran.  This trust shall be released to whom I designate via official email as beneficiary of the trust full deposit of $50M USD.  Because of the latest reconstruction projects which have caused complete lack of electricity, water, fuel, and passable roads and recent Iraqi Government Democratic Achievement Reforms including a complete blackout of travel dates and curfew after dusk, I am not able to go to Iran and access the trust.

Now that the situation is not conducive for me to go to Iran, but supports the opportunity for your money to do so, I am appealing to ask if I can present you as the beneficiary of the Uranium Depository Trust, fully insured by the International Atomic Energy Commission, for the release of the deposit to your Forex Paypal Medical Savings Account for safekeeping. This money represents the restitution payment for US overpayments, since Oil is now held comfortably above the 45$/barrel level, to the reconstruction fund and is owed by Dubya Oil Refinery Reconstruction Company Iraq.

As soon as this deposit is released to your Paypal Account via securely encrypted deficit transmission from the Uranium Security Company in Iran, I will come over to arrange disbursement of full payment of transaction costs. In order to facilitate this transaction, please wire via Western Union between 13 and 28.5% of your declared federal income as required to initiate this transfer. Otherwise, please send your daughter between ages of 18-26 as an economic attaché per the Universal National Service Act of 2003.

Since time is of the essence, please act before expected air arrival of Special Delivery from Israeli Air Force disrupts operations of the Uranium Oil Trust and delays your restitution rebate.


Morethancanbe Sauid.



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