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Also, a couple links here are defunct but I maintain them anyway as a reference. One can use the 'Wayback Machine' to view these sites, some of which are still good references.


COINS AND TOKENS and americana and exonumia

Air-Tite Holders  (http://www.airtiteholders.com) - sells holders, frames, cards, and other displays for coins

Alaska Tokens    (http://www.alaskatokens.com) - Alaska tokens and collectibles


Alder Gold Exchange    (http://www.aldergold.com) - online coin and gold dealer


American Legacy Coins    (http://www.americanlegacycoins.com) - early US coins, exonumia and tokens


American Numismatic Association  (http://www.money.org) - website for the American Numismatic Association


American Numismatic Society  (http://numismatics.org) - website for the American Numismatic Society which is dedicated to the study of coins, currency, medals and more


Amos Advantage  (http://www.amosadvantage.com/scottonline)  Coin albums, books, magnifiers, and more.


Ancient Gold    (http://www.ancientgold.com) - ancient gold, tokens, artifacts and more


Ancient Artifacts and Treasures  (http://www.mcintosh55.com) - offers ancient artifacts including ancient coins, fossils, minerals, and more


Anything Anywhere    http://www.anythinganywhere.com/commerce/commerce.htm ) - coins, exonumia, ephemera and just about everything else


A. R. Akin Rare Coins (http://www.arakinrarecoins.com} - coin dealer


Arsave Collectibles, Coin and glass  (http://www.arsave.com/variety_resource_dimes) 


Art Medals    (http://www.artmedal.be) - history, explanation and presentation of art medals


Aspen Park Rare Coins  (http://www.aprci.com) - website for the Aspen Park Rare Coins in Denver CO, the site sells coins and has information about coins and collecting


Avena Rare Coin    (http://www.avenararecoin.com) - Online coin dealer


Barber Coins Collectors Society  (http://www.barbercoins.org) - a collectors society for fans of coins created by Charles E. Barber


BellAir Coin    (http://www.belleaircoins.com) - online and brick and mortar coin and bullion store in Tampa, Fl


Bellisario  (http://www.brcgcoins.com/inventory.cfm) - offers rare coins for sale


BestCoin.com  (http://www.bestcoin.com)


Bill's Hobby Page  (http://www.wescottfamily.net/hobbies.html) - provides information about coins, coin value charts, and links


Bob Reed Coin and Currency    (http://rrcoins.net) - coin and currency online store (but has an annoying footer)


Bret Leifer Numismatics  (http://www.coinguy.com) - a full service online coin site


Brian Greer Rare Coins  (http://briangreerrarecoins.com) - this site buys and sells coins


Butternut Coins    (http://www.butternut.org) - coins sold via their online catalogs


Byers Numismatic Corp.  (http://mikebyers.com/inventory.html)- online coin site specializes in US and world error coins


Cache  (http://www.cachecoins.org/numismatics.htm) - resources for collectors of ancient, classic, and modern world coins


Cal Gold Online  (http://www.calgoldonline.com)


California Coin & Bullion Merchant Association  (http://www.ccbma.com/index.html


California Gold  (http://www.calgoldcoin.com) - information about gold coins and tokens from a collector/dealer


California Numismatics  (http://www.golddealer.com) - large bullion and coin online dealer


Canadian Coin Reference Site  (http://www.canadiancoin.com) - reference site for Canadian coins


Carter Numismatics  (http://www.carternumismatics.com) -  online coin store


Center Coin    (http://www.centercoin.com)


Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter  (http://www.coinprices.com/cdn/blue_art.asp) - bluesheet newsletter for coin dealers


Certified Coin Exchange  (http://www.certifiedcoinexchange.com) - acts as a intermediary in US Certified Coin trading between major US coin dealers

CGB    (http://www.cgb.fr/indexgb.html)


Chicago Coin Club  (http://www.chicagocoinclub.org/projects/PiN/cut.html) - great article about collection US tokens


Civil War Badges    (http://www.civilwarbadges.com) - sale of American Civil War Badges


CoinClub.com  (http://www.coinclub.com) - includes a reference library, books for sale, grading information, information about numismatic events, and directories


Coin collecting guide & Numismatics - 2-Clicks Coins is one of the largest coin guide & numismatic resources for coin collectors. Find in this numismatic website a lot coin currency collecting articles, links, coins ads & exchange, coin collecting terms, dictionary & glossary.


Coin Collecting News  (http://www.coincollectingnews.org) - provides news and information about world coins


Coin Community Family  (http://www.coincommunity.com) - a variety of coin and stamp collectors forums


Coin Help  (http://coinauctionshelp.com) - resources for US coin collectors including information about mintages, values, grading and more


CoinFacts.com  (http://www.coinfacts.com) - online resource for information about US coins


Coinflation.com  (http://www.coinflation.com) - provides the current melt value of coins around the world, it is updated daily


Coin Forum  (http://www.coinforum.com) - site includes several coin related discussion forums


Coin Grading Coins  (http://www.coingrading.com/grade1.html) - guide to coin grading, site includes coin grading worksheet


Coininfo.com  (http://www.coininfo.com) - an information site for US coin dealers, includes information about shows, prices, and more


Coin Link  (www.coinlink.com) - online source for coin collecting news and information


Coin Network  (http://www.coinnetwork.com) - a social network for coin collectors


The Coin Page  (http://www.coinpage.com) - provides coin images for public use


CoinPeople.com (http://www.coinpeople.com) - specialized and general numismatic forums


Coin Rarities Online  (http://www.coinraritiesonline.com) - coin site specializing in rare and historic early American coins


CoinResource  (http://www.coinresource.com) - includes rare coin news and articles


COINSHEET Numismatic Directory  (http://www.coinsheetlinks.com) - links to coin sites and coin information


The Coin Shop  (http://www.coin-shop.com) - online coin site offering a variety of collectible coins


Coin Shows  (http://coinshows.com) - information about upcoming coin shows


CoinSite  (http://www.coinsite.com) - information about buying and selling coins, what coins are worth and more


Coin Talk  (http://www.cointalk.com) - a coin forum website with several coin related forums


CoinsAreFun    (http://www.coinsarefun.com) - coin site Dedicated to the coin enthusiast.Promoting the sharing of coin knowledge and expertise.


Coins of Panama    (http://www.coins-of-panama.com) - specializing in Panamanian coinage


Coin Week    (http://www.coinweek.com) - Coin news and information website


Coins-World    (http://www.coins-world.info) - World coins (focus on Greece) and currency


Collector's   (http://www.collectorscorner.com) - online coin market place


Colonial Coin  (http://www.colonialcoins.org) - resource for colonial coin collectors


Copper Coins  (http://www.coppercoins.com) - site for cent coin attributions, pictures and information


Cunningham Exonumia  (http://www.cunninghamexonumia.com) - exonumia and tokens


CVM Early American Coppers  (http://www.earlycents.com)


Daniel Fearon    (http://www.danielfearon.com) - English coins and medals


Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC  (http://www.sedwickcoins.com)


Dave's Coins  (http://www.thecollectorsfriend.com) - coin site with a variety of collectible coins


David Hall Rare Coins  (http://www.davidhall.com) - online coin site


David Lawrence Coins  (http://www.davidlawrence.com)


Delaware Valley Coin  (http://www.dvrcc.com) and (http://dvrarecoins.com)


Dick Osburn Coin (http://www.dickosburn.com)


Dick Powell Alaska    (http://www.kds.org/coins.html) - Alaska tokens


Don Rinkor Rare Coins  (http://certifieddollar.com)


DM Rare Coin  (http://www.dmrarecoins.com)  


Doelger Coin    (http://www.doelger.com) - New Jersey coin and supply store, online too


Douglas Winter Numismatics  http://www.raregoldcoins.com - offers gold related news, an inventory US gold coins, a gold blog and more


Dr Eugene Bruder Coin Dealer  (http://www.typecoins.com) - online coin site buying and selling a variety of US coins


Eagle Eye Rare Coins  (http://www.indiancent.com) - online coin site specializing in Eagle and Indian Head Cents


Earlycoppercoins.com  (http://earlycoppercoins.com) - online coin site specializing in US half cents and large cents minted between 1793-1857


El Cerrito Coin Exchange  (http://www.el-cerrito-coin-exchange.com) - coin and jewelry site based in El Cerrito CA


Empire Rare Coins  (http://www.empirecoins.net) - online store of Empire Rare Coins for buying, selling and trading coins, based in Scottsdale AZ


Encased Collectors International    http://www.encasedcollectorsinternational.org)  - specializing in encased coinage throughout the world


Executive Coin Company  (http://www.executivecoin.com) - coin site based in Graham Road Stow Ohio


Eye Appealing Coins  (http://www.eyeappealingcoins.com) - online coin site


http://eyeofhorussymbol.homestead.com     Now Disabled, interesting page and worth looking up on Wayback Macnine  


Finest Known  (http://www.finestknown.com/page/fk) - a precious metals & investment quality rare coin dealer with information about holding coins and metals as investments


Florida Calls  (http://www.floridacalls.com/index.html) - specializing in Florida material with emphasis on obsolete Florida currency


Florida Coin  (http://www.floridacoin.com)

Franklin Lover's Homepage  (http://franklinlover.yolasite.com)


Fred Weinberg & Co.  (http://www.fredweinberg.com) - online coin site that buys and sells US error coins


Gainesville Coin  (http://www.gainesvillecoins.com) - online coin site


Gary Adkins Associates, Inc.  (http://www.coinbuys.com) - this site buys and sells gold and silver coins, collections, and bullion


Gary Groll    (http://www.grollcoins.com) - 18th Century Coins, Jetons and Tokens


G&R Coins  (http://cmgriffin.com) - online coin site


Gammill Numismatics  (http://gammillnumismatics.com) - online coin site specializing in rare coin investments


German Gold Coinage  (http://www.geldgeschichte.de) - in German, site dedicated to German gold coinage


George F Kolbe  (http://www.numislit.com)  

George Manz Coins  (http://www.georgemanzcoins.com/books/coins.html) - online coin book site; Canadian coins, tokens and medals


Golden Eagle  (http://www.goldeneaglecoin.com) - large bullion dealer; 90% mercury bags available


Gold Rush Gallery  (http://www.goldrushgallery.com) - specializing in southern gold coins


Greysheet  (http://www.greysheet.com) - coin price guide


Griffin Coins   (http://www.griffincoin.com) - Coin site, one of the good guys


G.R. Tiso Numismatics  (http://www.grtiso.com)


Hakes Americana    (http://www.hakes.com) - Americana and collectible auctions and sales

Hallenbeck Coin Gallery  (http://myfavoritecoinstore.com)


Harlan J. Berk, Ltd.  (http://www.hjbltd.com/) - this site sells coins and other collectibles (antiquities, autographs, paintings, books)


Harry Laibstain Rare Coins  (http://www.hlrc.com) - online coins site that buys and sells coins


Hartville Coin Exchange    http://www.hartvillecoin.com/exchange.html - online and brick and mortar coin store in Ohio


HCC Rare Coins  (http://www.hcc-coin.com) - a rare coin management company offering appraisals & coins


Heraldic Art Medals    (http://www.heraldicartmedals.com) - Modern and ancient art medals


Historical Medals    (http://historicalmedals.co.uk) - Historical British medals and medallions


Holsonbake Numismatics  (http://holsonbakenumismatics.com) - a full service dealer specializing in all Barber Series, Type and Key Date coins

Hauser Coin    (http://www.hausercoin.com) - online coin store


ilikecoins  (http://ilikecoins.com) - online coin auction site


IndianHeads.org  (http://www.indianheads.org) - site offers a wide variety of information about Indian Head Cents


Ingrid O'Neil Olympic    (http://www.ioneil.com/site/main/main.htm) - Olympic exonumia, coins and collectibles


Intercept Preservation Products  (http://www.interceptshield.com/products.html) - this company offers holders, albums, and other coin preservation products


Jade Rare Coins  (http://www.jaderarecoin.com) - online coin site


Jake's Market Place (http://www.jakesmp.net/index.html) - Coins, supply and books


J.H. Cline's  (http://www.slqs.com) 


Jim's Coin & Stamps  (http://www.jimscoins.net/error_coin_examples.php) - Great example page of various mint error types


John B. Hamrick & Co.  (http://www.johnbhamrickcoins.com) - offers appraisals, buying and selling of coins and bullion, auction services, and liquidation of collections


Joel's Coins    (http://www.joelscoins.com) - US tokens and coins


Julian M. Leidman  (http://www.juliancoin.com) - rare coin dealer offering a variety of US and World coins as well as tokens and medals


Kagin's Inc.  (http://kagins.com) - site offers wide variety of coins, currency, and tokens


Kaminski Coin Company  (http://www.kaminskicoin.com) - this site buys and sells rare coins, currency and bullion

Kanawhacoin    (http://www.kanawhacoin.com) - online coin store, with a bid list too.


Kevin Flynn's Coins and Books  (http://kevinjflynn.com) - site presents a Variety of numismatic works, coins and services


http://www.kingofhobbies.net - site no longer active


KIAC Numismatics    (http://www.kiac-usa.com) - world exonumia and numismatics


Lanz Munchen Numismatik    (http://www.numislanz.com) - Celtic and ancient coinage


L & C Coins  (http://www.lccoins.com) - offers certified graded collector coins


Lead tokens of Europe    http://www.mernick.org.uk/leadtokens/ - monthly newsletter specializing in the lead tokens of Great Britain and continental europe.


Letchworth Coins  (http://www.letcoin.com/default.htm) - buys and sells US coins, currency, gold & silver bullion and supplies


Liberty Coins  (http://www.libertycoins.com) - specializes in the U.S. Coin market and offers a variety of services including, collection appraisals, liquidations, bullion sales, and slabbed graded coins.


Liberty Seated Dime  (http://www.seateddimevarieties.com) - provides references and information about the liberty seated dime and offers dimes for purchase


http://www.limunltd.com/numismatic - site no longer active


The Lincoln Cent Resource  (http://www.lincolncentresource.com) - provides information about top Lincoln Cent varieties


Long Island Numismatics, Inc  (http://www.linumis.com/index.php) - offers US currency, other types of bank notes, US and foreign coins


Long Island Rare Coins & Currency  (http://www.longislandrarecoins.com) - coin and currency dealer based in Long Island


Larry Shapiro Rare Coins  (http://www.lsrarecoins.com) - specializes in Morgan , Peace Dollars , and Walking Liberty Half Dollars, and Type coins


Larry Whitlow, Ltd.  (http://www.whitlowltd.com) - full-service rare coin dealer


Lone Star Mint - http://www.lsmint.com - online coin dealer


Mark Feld Rare Coins  (http://markfeldcoins.com) - specializes in eye-appealing, high grade 19th and early 20th century copper, nickel, silver and gold type coinage


MA Coin Stores  (http://www.ma-shops.com) - online coin site


Mexican Coins Company (http://mexicancoincompany.com)


McIntosh Coins  (http://www.mcintoshcoins.com) - online coin site


Michael I Casper Rare Coins and Currency  (http://caspercoin.com/index.php)


Mid American Rare Coin Gallery  (http://rarecoingallery.com)

Mike Vosper Coins    (http://www.vosper4coins.co.uk)  - coin site specializing in Celtic and Roman issues


Miller's Mint, Ltd.  (http://www.millersmint.com) - offers a variety of US and world coins, ancient coins, currency and more


Milwaukee Coin    (http://www.milwaukeecoin.com) - online and brick and mortar coin store in Wisconsin


MintProducts.com  (http://www.mintproducts.com) - online coin site specializing in US mint products and coin supplies


Missouri Coin    (http://www.mocoin.com) - online and brick and mortar coin store


MJPM    (http://www.mjpm.com) - online coin and bullion dealer


Modern Coin Mart  (http://www.moderncoinmart.com) - specializes in high grade Modern Coins of all types certified by NGC & PCGS


Mountain View Coins  (http://www.mountainviewcoins.com) - coin site offering a variety of collectible US coins


MyCollecting.com  (http://mycollecting.net)

NGC  (http://www.ngccoin.com) - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, offers third party coin grading services


Norte Dame University  (http://www.coins.nd.edu) - Notre Dame University (US) coin and currency collection


Northeast Numismatics Inc.  (http://www.northeastcoin.com) - online coin site offering a variety of collectible coins


Northern Nevada Coin  (http://www.brokencc.com)  


NumisCAT's Purr-fect Page  (http://home.earthlink.net/~beedon/numiscat.htm)  - list of and links to coin sites and coin shows


Numismatic Biblomania Society  (http://www.coinbooks.org) - non profit organization dedicated to promoting the collection and use of numismatic literature


Numismatic Financial Corporation  (http://nfccoins.com


Numis International    (http://www.numisint.com) - online and brick and mortar coin store


NumisMaster  (http://www.numismaster.com) - provides information about coin values, upcoming coin shows, and has coins for purchase


Numismatic Americana    (http://www.numismaticamericana.com)


Numismatic News  (http://www.numismaticnews.net) - information and news source for coin collectors


NumisMedia  (http://www.numismedia.com/fmv/fmv.shtml) - site offers a fair market price guide for properly graded coins


O'Connor Numismatic Rarities  (http://www.ocnumis.com/)


Old Collectors Coins (http://www.oldcollectorcoins.com) - US Coins online site


Paradise Coin & Gift  (http://www.paradisecoin.com) - online site for Paradise Coin & Gift based in Northern California


Park Avenue Numismatics  (http://www.parkavenumis.com) - online site offering to buy/sell/trade collections and individual coins, gold, bullion coins, and more


PCGS  (http://pcgs.com/coinindex/keysallgraph.chtml) - Professional Coin Grading Service, offers third party grading services


PCGS message boards  (http://www.pcgs.com/message_boards.chtml) - PCGS coin discussion forums


PCI Coin Grading   (http://www.pcicoins.com) - coin authentication and grading company, on of the top six


P&D Medallions    http://www.medallions.freeserve.co.uk) - UK medallions for sale


Peter Morris Company    (http://www.petermorris.co.uk) - English coinage and medals


Philly Stamp and Coin    (http://www.phillystampandcoin.com) - online and brick and mortar store in New Jersey


Pinnacle Rarities  (http://pinnacle-rarities.com)


PNG Professional Numismatists Guild  (http://www.pngdealers.com) - nonprofit organization composed of the world's top rare coin, paper money and precious metals experts


Premium Quality Coin  (http://www.pqcoin.com) - online buyer, seller, and coin appraiser


ProCoin.com  (http://procoin.com) - specializes in fine rarities specifically rare U.S. coins. They also offer portfolio evaluations and assistance with portfolio liquidation


R and I Coins  (http://www.randicoins.com) - online coin store with coins for sale as well as information about coins


Rare Coin    (http://www.rarecoin.com) - online coin dealer in US, Irish and World Coins


Ray Komka    (http://www.raykomkacoins.com) - online and brick and mortar coin store in New York


The Reeded Edge, Inc  (http://www.reedededge.com) - offers coins, currency, bullion, stamps and other collectibles


RM World Coin Investment  (http://rmworldcoins.tripod.com/rmworldcoins/index.htm) - online coins site specializing in world coins


RSR Certified Coin Selections  (http://rsrcoins.homestead.com) - specializes in buying and selling certified coins


Rust Rare Coin    (http://www.rustcoin.com) - Mormon and Utah exonumia coins and currency


Scott Seaman    (http://www.coincoin.com) - not the easiest site to navigate, but full of ethnographic currency and coin and reference information


SelectRarities.com  (http://www.selectrarities.com)


Scarsdale Coin  (http://www.coinhelp.com) - coins and information for serious and amateur coin collectors


S G Rare Coins, Inc  (http://www.sgrarecoins.com) - online coin site specializing in buying and selling certified coins


Silver Coins  (http://www.silver-coins.org) - this site provides detailed information about how to spot counterfeit silver coins


SilverCoins.Com (http://www.silvercoins.com/fake-silver-coins-14-ways-to-spot-counterfeits/) - nice article about different ways to detect counterfeit silver coins


Simmons Gallery    (http://www.simmonsgallery.co.uk) - English coins, tokens and meteorology


South Gate Coins  (http://www.southgatecoins.com) - online coin site offering a variety of Carson City coins as well as coins and currency from other mints


Southern Coins    (http://www.southerncoin.com) - online coin dealer


Stacks  (http://www.stacks.com)


The Coin and Stamp Store    (http://www.stamp-coin.com) - online coins and stamp store


Stanford University  (http://www.stanford.edu/~clint/coinacro.htm) - list of acronyms used in coin collecting from Stanford University


Tangible Investments ( http://www.tangible-investments.com) - site to purchase tangible assets


TB Numismatics    (http://www.tbnumismatics.com)


The Cheap Slab Store  (http://www.cheapslabs.com) - this coin site specializes in inexpensive certified coins


The Penny Lady  (http://www.thepennylady.com) - online coin site specializing in flying eagle, Indian head, Lincoln, and early American copper cents


Token Catalog    (http://tokencatalog.com)    - Great inventory and database of Tokens


TradeDollarNut.com  (http://tradedollarnut.com) - provides detailed information about US Trade Dollars minted between 1873-1885

Coin Melt Values    (http://www.usacoinbook.com) - This Site has a Good Coin Melt Value Calculator

U.S. Coin Values  (http://www.us-coin-values-advisor.com)

U.S. Rare Coin Investments  (http://www.usrarecoininvestments.com)


Vatican Coin    (http://www.vaticancoins.com) - coins of the Vatican, Italy and San Marino


VCoins  (http://www.vcoins.com) - a virtual online coin show where you can buy and sell a variety of coins and coin supplies


VTCoins.com  (http://www.vtcoins.com) - online coin store with a variety of collectible coins


Wayne Herndon  (http://wayneherndon.com) - online coin store


Whitman Books  (http://www.whitmanbooks.com) -  Coin Supply, books and folders

Wondercoins  (http://www.wondercoins.com) - online coin site specializing in gold, silver, and platinum coins


Working Man Coins    (http://www.workingmancoins.com)


3-cent Nickel  (http://www.3centnickel.com) - a coin site specializing in three cent US nickels minted from 1865-1889


50 State Commemorative Quarters  (http://www.quarterdesigns.com) - includes pictures of designs for all of the State Commemorative Quarters


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