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Also, a couple links here are defunct but I maintain them anyway as a reference. One can use the 'Wayback Machine' to view these sites, some of which are still good references.


EPHEMERA AND scripophily sites


Antiquary Partnership  (http://www.antiquarypartnership.com/) - offers a variety of antique bond and share certificates


Bob Best of Business  (http://www.bob.com/) - buys and sells collectible stock and bond certificates


Bookmine  (http://www.bookmine.com/bookmine_waa-m.php) - site dedicated to books about Western Americana


Denver Stock Exchange  (http://www.denverstockexchange.com) - Dealer and collector of historic, antique, and collectable stock & bond certificates, checks & drafts, letterhead, and more


Frajola  (http://www.rfrajola.com


GoAntiques.com  (http://www.goantiques.com) - online antique shopping and auctions


GOLDSHEET Mining Directory  (http://www.goldsheetlinks.com/obsolete.htm) - information sheet with links to pages about scripophily and obsolete securities


Historische Wertpapiere Pantenrieder  (http://pentenrieder.com) -German website offering historical shares and bonds of the USA and all around the world

Historic Papers Friehs  (http://www.historicpapersfriehs.at) - Austrian site specializing in historic shares, bonds, and papers

Holabird-Kagen Americana  (http://www.holabird.org) - devoted to bringing collectors the greatest Western Americana rarities with an emphasis on numismatics, currency, and western Americana


LaBarre Galeries    (http://www.glabarre.com/index.php) - impressive scripophily and bond inventory


Hugo Van Der Molen's Scripophily Site  (http://www.scripophily.nl/) - Netherlands based site dedicated to the collection of old bonds and shares

Jim Forte Postal History  (http://www.postalhistory.com/index.htm) - offers information and a variety of postal covers


Numismalink  (http://www.numismalink.com) - collection of links to high-quality numismatic web sites


Numismattica.com  (http://www.numismattica.com) - offers coins, ephemera, bullion, and tokens


Oneshare.com  (http://www.oneshare.com) - sells stock shares


Paper Money WWW Directory  (http://webhome.idirect.com/~mjp/mjpwww.html) - internet directory for paper money & bank note websites


Paul and Paul    (http://www.paul-n-paul.com/) - paper collectibles


Professional Scripophily Traders Association  (http://www.psta.com/) - association for scripophily traders


Ron's Currency, Stocks, & Bonds  (http://www.ronscurrency.com) - a source of reference material & images related to U.S. Currency, Stocks & Bonds


Spink Smythe  (http://www.smytheonline.com) - auction house for antique stocks & bonds, US & world paper money, autographs, and coins & medals


Scriphohily.com  (http://www.scripophily.net/mining-stocks.html) - online scripophily store that buys and sells original stock and bond certificates


Scripophily Corner  (http://scripophilycorner.tripod.com) - provides information about collecting Scripophily


Scripophily Gallery  (http://www.stocksearchintl.com/mining.html) - offers a variety of Scripophily for purchase


Stock Search International  (http://www.stocksearchintl.com/faqs.html) - provides research services to help investors recover money from old stocks and bonds thought to be worthless


Twin Brooks    (http://www.msjudith.net/forsale.html - paper collectibles



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