What's New at Coin Mine!


3.27.15     Back from break. Added some great NGC-graded Morgan Dollars and Proof Jefferson Nickels


2.15.16     Put some new coins books on the Reference Page


1.2.16     Major Change in Financial Position Outlook, see Blog Page for details



12.13.15     Loaded a Few Nicer Barber Quarters onto the Site,

Check them out...


11.1.15     Added some nice Seated Dimes and Quarters to the Inventory


10.25.15     Added some Nice Half Dimes including a Tough 1800


10.6.19  More cents and nickels added to Inventory, including a nice 1893 NGC Pr 64 Liberty Head Cent.


9.7.15     Added some more Indian Head Cents to Inventory


8.30.15     Added some new Tokens, 1837 Feuchtwanger Cent, etc.


8.16.15 Back from Summer Break - Put the rest of the Large Cents up to our Cents Page


7.24.15 Added a bunch more Large Cents to our Inventory


6.7.15   Put up a few more great coin books for sale on the reference page:



4.23.15 Added several new numismatic books.


3.1.15  Took a break but now back in action. Added a bunch of AU Morgan Dollars for sale!


12.6.15 Added a New Page on Our Homepage

A link to upcoming coin shows in the US


See here:



11.20.15 Put up a number of reference books and guides to sell in our reference section, some scarce including:

Standard Plumbing Details for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Plumbers and Students. Lois Day. 1938. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 12x 9.5 inches, hardbound (no cover). 119 Pages. Some age boxing, foxing, and very minor soil or dogears. Nice book, great reference. Good+  $45

Underground Buildings – More Than Meets the Eye. Loretta Hall. Quill Driver Books. Sanger, Ca. 2004. First Printing. 215 Pages. Hardcover with dust jacket.  Great condition, just a few very minor pencil inscriptions. Neat! Very Good+ $13

W.F Norman Sheet metal Mfg. Co., Nevada, Mo., Steel Ceiling Catalogue No. 350, January 1980. 72 pages. Comes with separate price list. Thinstock cover. Light cover fading, near Very Good.  11x 8 inches. $16

9.28.14 Added several new NGC-graded uncirculated Mercury Dimes with Fully Split Bands

9.27.18 Put up a couple newly graded tougher Barber Half Dollars

9.7.14 New Type of Inventory - Flat Pins, 'Flats', Interesting little enamels from 1950s

8.30.14 Added New Information to our US Coins Page

8.24.13 Added a slew of AU, Unc and Brilliant Uncirculated Mercury Dimes

8.3.14 Added some great Early Half Dollar type coins

6.1.14 Updated US Coins page with much more reference information

5.27.14 Put up a few more Year and Date Sets

5.18.14 Updated US Coin Page with more variety resources

5.3.14   Put up many more US Mint Proof Sets

5.2.14 Added several new Science and Information Sites

3.16.14   Added a couple dozen date and year sets - Great for Birthdays, Retirement Celebrations and 100 year Birth Sets

3.9.14  Added some great content to the Nevada Mining Page

11.29.13 Put up a few more Year and Date Sets

11.24.13     Added a couple dozen more Barber Halves. Now have the entire Date/Mint Mark run available!

10.20.13 Started adding more Barber Halves

10.14.13 Added new Lincoln Cents

9.29.13    Put some new Indian Head Cents in the inventory, quite the assortment now available!

9.9.13 Added a few nice yet affordable Peace Dollars

9.5.13  Added a couple dozen Hotel Ephemera pieces, you never see most of these listed elsewhere.

8.20.13 Put up about 20 more reference books, some rare.

7.11.12 Added some nice new Morgan Dollars

7.5.13 Dropped Prices on most of our Walking Liberty Half Dollars

6.6.13 Just listed another two dozen books, some scarce.

5.19.13 Added some nice Au and UNC Lincoln and Indian Head Cents

4.28.13 Put more Zodiac Erotic Tokens back in stock, including some nice Uncirculated pieces.

4.7.13 Added more information on 1cent and 2cent die varieties

4.6.13 Started offering Postal Advertising Covers and Billheads as a sub category on the Ephemera Page

Added 2.18.13  Put Up More Roosevelt Dime Inventory.  Some Mint State, some with nice original sulfur toning...

Happy New Year! - 12.30.12 Added new Half Dollars

Added 12.7.12 Put up a bunch of new Morgan Dollars, some Certified and some raw and a few more Peace Dollars.

Added 12.1.12 Updated US Coins page to include additional Peace Dollar and Jefferson Nickel varieties.

Added 9.29.12 Put up some new Morgan, Peace and Eisenhower Dollars, updated US Coins to include varieties for Cents, Nickels, and Quarters

Added 6.21.12 We added some new types of metal bullion to the Gold and Bullion page: aluminum, brass, copper, lead, titanium and zinc bullion bars.


Added 3.3.12: We put about 70 new Barber Dimes on our inventory. Lots of nice collector grade pieces!


Added 1.26.12: Heartily revised the US Coin Reference Page. Lots 'o info now there.


Added 12.23.11 Finally *finished* with my list of Financial Acronyms and Financial Glossary


and the Financial Glossary (still a work in progress):


Contains all those terms applicable to the mining and extraction industries typically not provided in the mainstream glossaries. (and conveniently devoid of the dominant paradigm programming).  

Please do bring any errors or suggestions to my attention, grazie.


Added 12.3.11  Finished my collection of links: The Internet’s Best Complete Listing of Coin, Exonumia, Medal, Numismatic and Token Web Sites

In my opinion, after a few years I have put together the best reference site for numismatic and exonumia web pages available.  (And still a work in progress):


My main criteria was to not simply list websites selling coins, but those that also provided reference or educational information on the hobby and business.

Currently at over 270 sites.  Please feel free to suggest any I may have missed that meet the above criteria.

Added 10.9.11 Added new Barber Halves to inventory

Added 9.17.11 New Barber and Standing Liberty Quarters


Added 9.1.11: New Inventory back from NGC - 1883 Nickel MS63, 1916 Mercury Dime MS 62, 1945 micro-S MS62, 1930 Lincoln Cent MS 64


Added 9.3.11:  Under US Coins, we provided varieties for early quarters; Indian Head Cents; and Varieties and VAM references for Morgan Dollars; Varieties for Washington Quarters and Lincoln Cents


Added 8.21.11 Under US Coins, we provided varieties for Liberty Cap, Coronet, and Braided Hair Large Cents; Indian Head Cents; Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels; some Half Dimes; Mercury Dimes; Peace Dollar and Seated Dollar.


Added 8.4.11    Added a couple dozen new Barber and Franklin Half Dollars.  A few nice ones, too!


Added 7.3.11  Put many Coin Albums on ebay and a couple in our Reference page.  Some are pretty scarce such as Dansco Mexican 50 Centavo, Older Whitman Type, Older Whitman Trade Dollar, etc.


Added 6.5.11; NEW COINS:

Many Mercury Dimes, semi-key dates in better grades yet very affordable.


Added 5.19.11; NEW COINS:

1807 Half Cent

1798 Draped Bust Large Cent (2nd Hair)

1802 Draped Bust Large Cent

1818 Coronet Head Large Cent

1862 Indian Head Cent, Extra Fine+

1863 Indian Head Cent, Extra Fine+

1864-L Indian Head Cent, About Good

1864 Indian Head Cent, Very Fine

1868 Indian Head Cent, Good

1873 Indian Head Cent,  Fine



and 12 new Large Head Cents and a couple dozen Indian Head Cents here and on Ebay 


Added 5.8.11; NEW BOOKS:


Military Small Arms of the 20th Century - A Comprehensive Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Small Caliber Firearms.  Ian V. Hogg and John Weeks. DBI Books, 1985. 303 Pages. Yellowed pages, cover and spine wear, but generally good although this book smells like cigarette smoke. Softcover. $7.95


The Gun Digest of Assault Weapons. Edited by Jack Lewis. DBI Books, 1986. Sofcover. 256 Pages. Yellowed pages, cover and spine wear, but generally Very Good .  $3.95


In the The Gravest Extreme - The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection.  Massad F. Ayoob. Police Bookshelf, 1980.Considered THE Tome on this topic on the role of using a firearm for personal protection; how to make sure if you use your weapon the criminal will not live to challenge your use or otherwise threaten you again.  Softcover, 130 pages. Yellowed pages, cover and spine wear, but generally good although this book smells like cigarette smoke. Softcover. $17.95


Life or Death - Emergency Medical Techniques.   Sharon Carter. 1983. Paladin Press, Boulder Co.  Hardback, 218 pages. Nice condition; dust jacket has wear and tears but book and pages in nice shape although this book smells a little musty. $2.95


Self Defense. Wesley Brown. Barnes Sports Library. 1951. Hardcopy. DJ is missing. Pages are good with minor cover and spine wear, but generally good although this book smells like cigarette smoke. $6.99


Fundamentals of Modern Police Impact Weapons.  Massad F. Ayoob.Police Bookshelf. Concord, Nh. 1978.  DJ has light wear and discoloring.  Book has yellowed pages but otherwise in Extra Fine condition, light odor.  Comes with original purchase receipt. We offer for the original list price of $15.95.


Firearms Identification. Institute of Applied Science, Chicago Il. 1954. IAS 1954-57, Firearm and Modus Operandi, IAS A-351. Ringbound.  Good Condition, Pages are dog-eared, yellowed and worn but complete with no major tears or other problems.  There is a moderate amount of pen and pencil markings. This is the textbook for the class still taught by IAS, the definitive home-school for gun ID and ballistics. The course today is $287. We found no other book available on the internet; Scarce and important reference guide. $18.95


Money, Money, Money. Laura Dargie and John Parsons.2001. Rigby/John Parsons Publishing. Softcover, 32 Pages. Great book introducing children to the concepts of barter, trade and money. Fine condition. $2.95


Sierra Bullets Reloading Manual. Published by Sierra Bullets, 1971. Ringbound. 462 pages. Fine+ condition, no problems.  $14.95


Added 4.30.11


A couple new low-end Liberty Nickels.


New Inventory added 3.26.11:


1817 Large Cent, Fine

1853 and 1857 Three Cent Silver

1906 Barber Dime About Uncirculated, Pretty

1853 Seated Quarter, Arrows and Rays

1856 Seated Quarter, Extra Fine

1913-D Barber Quarter, Very Fine 30

1923 Standing Liberty Seated Quarter, Fine+



New Inventory:

Indian Cents                                                                            Quarters

1877 Indian Cent NGC G 4 BN                                              1896-S Barber Quarter NGC VG 8

1909-S Indian Cent NGC F 15 BN

Lincoln Cents

1916 Lincoln Cent NGC MS 64 BN

1919 Lincoln Cent NGC MS 66 BN  SOLD

1924 Lincoln Cent NGC MS 64 BN

1925 Lincoln Cent NGC MS 63 BN SOLD

1926 Lincoln Cent NGC MS 64 BN SOLD

1927 Lincoln Cent NGC MS 64 BN SOLD

1929 Lincoln Cent NGC MS 64 RB

NEW Write Up on Tokens


Candy/Confection Tokens

In the 1920s and 30s when gambling was illegal, slot machines (and pinball bingo machines) would pay tokens to get around the gambling laws.  Mills, Jennings and other slot machines used these tokens instead of coinage.


Hence, they were pretty common back then and still are pretty common today.


Amusement Arcade Tokens

There are many different designs of amusement arcade tokens.  Merchants began using them in the 1920s and you can still find them in use today all throughout the world.


Mardi Gras Tokens

Special Thanks to Remdor Collectibles for this description:

"New Orleans Mardi Gras tokens were first minted in 1960 when Rex, King of Mardi Gras, presented the first tokens to his loyal subjects, by throwing them from his parade floats. Many parade organizations, called krewes, soon picked up on this new concept. They placed their crest or emblem on the obverse, and the yearly theme of their parade on the reverse of the dated tokens.


H. Alvin Sharp, a very gifted inventor and artist, came up with the idea and designed many of them. He named these tokens, "doubloons". Those doubloons that are thrown to the crowds are made from lightweight 15 gauge aluminum with some of them anodized different colors. The "heavies", as they are called, are minted from thicker 10 gauge aluminum, bronze, .999 silver, and other metals. Most of these are handed out to relatives and friends as favors.


Truly a work of art, these silver-dollar sized tokens measure about 1-1/2” in diameter. Not only are they collected in the New Orleans area, but all around the country, and the world as well. They are highly desirable for rare dates, rare krewes, and for the collectible subject matter on the reverses. 


They have never been sold to the general public by the organizations since they were only made for Mardi Gras throws and favors. They are minted in limited quantities each year, and many hundred's of thousands in collections were lost in the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina in 2005."


If it Isn't a Token, what IS It?

(The Wonderful World of Exonumia)

You might have a "So Called Dollar", a "Fantasy Piece" or even a Medal.

Find out more information on Medals here:


But be careful, as there are counterfeits out there:


Great Token Site:


Or, Maybe you have a 'Civil War Token', or a 'Store Card' or a 'Patriotic Token':




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