PSA: There's Less Than 100 Days Until The Bitcoin Halving!

The Halving is the event in Bitcoin's code that happens every 210,000 Bitcoin blocks (approximately every 4 years) where the number of new Bitcoins that are created every day gets cut in half. Currently, every day 1,800 Bitcoins are mined. This will be cut to 900 daily after this next halving event. This event is what allows Bitcoin to maintain its supply cap at 21 million while also supplying the necessary rewards for miners for securing the network.

Why Does The Bitcoin Halving Happen?

This event was built into the Bitcoin protocol by Satoshi Nakamoto. Many people argue that designing this event into the code is what has pushed Bitcoin prices to new highs about every four years since the newly created Bitcoin supply dries up while demand remains the same or increases.

Why Is The Bitcoin Halving Important?

The Halving is an important event to once again prove Bitcoin’s extreme scarcity with a high level of security. For every successful Halving, Bitcoin shows the world that it is one step closer to being the world’s best form of money.

What Does This Mean For My Coinmine?

To get you the most Bitcoin possible from your Coinmine One, we engineered MineOS to automatically mine whatever crypto converts to Bitcoin at the highest rate and then exchange it to Bitcoin for you and put it in your wallet. This way, you’re getting way more Bitcoin than if the device was mining Bitcoin directly.

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Keep stacking Sats!

- Team Coinmine