Bitcoin Debit Card: How To Spend Bitcoin Using A Visa Debit

Even though Bitcoin is the largest Cryptocurrency, your options are still somewhat limited should you want to spend it, with a small selection of stores accepting it as a valid means of payment — both in-store and online. There is a workaround that'll let you spend your Bitcoin balance with any retailer that accepts a Visa debit card, however. Enter the Bitcoin Debit Card ... or rather, the Coinbase Card.

There are a number of different so-called Bitcoin Debit Cards on the market, with the most reputable being Coinbase's Visa Debit. Just create a Coinbase account, transfer — or purchase — some Bitcoin to store in Coinbase, then register for the Coinbase Card. As soon as it arrives, you'll be able to pay for goods using your Coinbase balance anywhere, anytime — just as you would a regular bank-issued credit or debit card.

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That's right — you can punch the sixteen-digit card number into a website like Amazon, pop the Coinbase Card into a terminal in a brick-and-mortar store to take advantage of Chip and PIN, or tap it on a reader to use Contactless. Your Bitcoin balance in Coinbase will then be debited to cover the cost of the transaction. Run out of Bitcoin? No problem — fire up the Coinbase application and switch to an Altcoin, such as Ethereum.

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