What Is The Bitcoin Symbol, And How Do You Type It?

While the first version used BC instead of a dedicated symbol, Bitcoin is denoted nowadays with a capital letter B with two lines at the top and bottom, like this: ₿. Look familiar? It should do — the character is plastered everywhere from the front of ATMs to behind the counter in retail stores. But how do you type it?

As it stands, there's no convenient way to use the Bitcoin symbol on Android, iOS or macOS. There's no shortcut on the keyboard, although there is an Alt Code on Windows: ALT 8383. This means the main way to type the Bitcoin symbol universally is to copy and paste it. So you're probably going to want to store a copy of it somewhere safe.

This article is an installment in our brand new Bitcoin 101 series — a set of articles dedicated to answering all of your most basic Bitcoin-related questions and queries, including where to spend Bitcoin, how to mine Bitcoin, how to spend Bitcoin using a Visa debit card, and the safest and easiest way to convert Bitcoin to USD