Can You Buy And Send Bitcoin Using Cash App? The Simple Answer

Cash App has made buying, sending, spending, and receiving Bitcoin as simple as can be — fire up Cash App for Android or iOS and you can use you can create a Bitcoin Wallet, trade Bitcoin (buy and sell), receive Bitcoin using your Public Key, send Bitcoin to a friend using their Public Key, and spend Bitcoin using your Cash App Debit Card.

The service hasn't always been like that, though. When Cash App first introduced support for Bitcoin, you could do two things: buy and sell. It then added the option to send Bitcoin to other customers, using their Public Key (even if they aren't using Cash App), with the final feature being the option to deposit Bitcoin from an external wallet.

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That means you'll be able to withdraw Bitcoin mined using your Coinmine One, as soon as we introduce the option, to Cash App, where you will be able to: spend it using your Cash Debit Card. You'll also have the option to keep it there for safekeeping (although we recommend a Cold Wallet for large balances), trade it, and send it to other people.