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Can Bitcoin Be Stolen? Yes — So Be Very Careful

Bitcoin can be hacked and stolen, so take a second to secure your Bitcoin Wallet by either activating Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for a Hot Wallet — Coinbase Wallet, for example — or storing your Cold Wallet (think: Ledger Nano S) in a safe.

Following these precautions won't eliminate the risk of your Bitcoin being stolen, since no computer system is immune to being compromised, nor is a single safe unpenetrable, but it does significantly reduce the likelihood of your Bitcoin Wallet being drained.

How To Secure Your Bitcoin

If you're serious about adopting Bitcoin, we recommend splitting your balance between two Bitcoin Wallets: a Cold Wallet and a Hot Wallet. Transfer what you require for your daily spending to a Cold Wallet, then leave the rest in a Hot Wallet, stored in a safe. 

This article is an installment in our brand new Bitcoin 101 series — a set of articles dedicated to answering all of your most basic Bitcoin-related questions and queries, including where to spend Bitcoin, how to mine Bitcoin, how to spend Bitcoin.