Can Bitcoin Still Be Mined? Absolutely!

Out of the total 21,000,000 Bitcoin that can ever exist, 18,000,000 have been mined — meaning there are 3,000,000 Bitcoin out there, waiting to be earned. That's $25 billion in unclaimed Bitcoin, all of which will be awarded to Bitcoin Miners.

To be in with a shot of taking home a slice of the fortune, you'll need to be equipped with a Bitcoin Miner — also known as a Bitcoin Mining Rig — like the Coinmine One, which is tasked with nothing but amassing a small fortune for its owner.

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While there are other Bitcoin Mining Rigs out there, we're yet to stumble upon a Plug-and-Play Bitcoin Miner as simple and feature-rich as the Coinmine One. Just plug it in, set it to mine Bitcoin, and it'll handle the rest. No building or coding required. 

Best of all, the Coinmine One is also flexible, letting you switch between different Cryptocurrencies — such as Ethereum and Monero — as and when you wish, while emitting less sound than an AC and drawing less power than a PlayStation 4.

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