Can You Buy A Car With Bitcoin? What You Need To Know

You can add a car to the list of things you can buy with Bitcoin. That's right — there are some dealers in the United States that accept the virtual currency as a valid means of tender. One of these dealerships is Lamborghini Newport Beach, California. So if you were fortunate enough stock up a mound of Bitcoin before the value spiked, you can flaunt your wealth with a brand new Lamborghini (or two, depending on how much cash you have to burn), without even having to convert the BTC to USD.

Now, we haven't tried to buy a car with Bitcoin ourselves. But fear not — a friend of Coinmine has. In particular, this person shelled out $80,000 for a performance vehicle. They said the experience was akin to buying a vehicle outright via bank transfer: You fill out endless paperwork, transfer the funds from your account to the dealer's (in this case, from your Bitcoin Wallet to their Bitcoin Wallet), then return to the dealership a few days later to collect the car after the funds have been processed and confirmed.

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Of course, we don't all have the Bitcoin to buy a Lamborghini. If you're looking to introduce Bitcoin in your day to day life, there are a number of other retailers that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, with the list including everything from Cheap Air and Microsoft to Newegg and Subway. Luckily for you, the wonderful team here at Coinmine rounded up all of the most reputable retailers in the United States that welcome Bitcoin, as well as how to use a Bitcoin ATM (and why you shouldn't).