No, You Can't Buy Bitcoin On Amazon And eBay

Take a second to think about the best place to buy items online. Two main retail spaces spring to mind, right? Amazon and eBay. As such, it should come as no surprise that a number of Bitcoin novices have taken to both to buy Bitcoin. Here's the catch: You can't actually buy Bitcoin on Amazon, nor can you buy Bitcoin on eBay. Instead, they've stumbled upon scams ⁠— most of the time resulting in people sending a small metal coin to their address, rather than funds to their Bitcoin Wallet.

In a nutshell, the only place you can buy Bitcoin is from exchanges. There are a number of online services, offered through leading marketplaces, where people claim to offer a significant amount for a fixed fee, either delivered in one lump sum or distributed over time as part of a fixed Bitcoin Mining Agreement, but again, that's nothing but hogwash. Your main two options, if you ask us, is to head over to Coinbase and use your debit card to load up on Bitcoin, or invest in a Coinmine One to mine it over a period of time.

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Remember: Cryptocurrency is relatively new. As a result, it's a breeding ground for dishonest individuals looking to make a quick buck from naive individuals, who are just looking to dip their toe into what's fast become a hot pocket for overnight millionaires. But while it's proving to be a fantastic investment (for now, at least), let's not forget that Bitcoin is first and foremost a form of tender that's designed to be used to pay for items. It's not a stock, nor should owning one Bitcoin be treated like a share.