You Can't Buy Zcash On Coinbase, But You Can Earn It — Free

Coinbase is without a shadow of a doubt the most trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange, but it's selection isn't all that large. Here's what's strange, though: You can't buy Zcash (ZEC) on Coinbase, but you can earn it there. Heck, you can even store Zcash on Coinbase — if you're looking for a virtual Zcash Wallet, then look no further. 

We know you're itching to start stacking up a Zcash balance, so we'll skip straight to the point: While you can't purchase Zcash through Coinbase, the exchange is offering its customers (both new and existing) the option to rack up some ZEC — free of charge — by watching some of its Beginner Lessons through its Coinbase Earn initiative. 

Need a Zcash Wallet? Use Coinbase

The Zcash you've amassed through Coinbase Earn is stored in your Coinbase Wallet. You don't have to earn Zcash through Coinbase to take advantage of that feature, however — if you have some Zcash you'd like to move over from a different, possibly less secure, wallet, retrieve your Zcash Wallet ID in Coinbase, then transfer the funds.

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Once you've done that, you can register for a Coinbase Visa Debit Card to use your Coinbase Balance, including Zcash, to pay for items in both in a brick-and-mortar store, using either Chip and Pin or Contactless Payment, or online using the long card number stamped on the front — just as you would a standard bank-issued credit or debit card.