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How Many Bitcoin Are There In Existence? The Simple Answer

There is 18,001,050 Bitcoin (BTC) in existence, as of October 19, 2019. Do the math and that's around 86.7% of the total number of Bitcoin that can ever exist (21,000,000) in the wild. Of this number, around 4,000,000 are believed to be lost, stored on Bitcoin Wallets that have been forgotten or misplaced.

Now, let's throw a little more context into the mix. When Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, they specified that there could never be more than 21,000,000 in existence. It's this restriction that will regulate the value of Bitcoin, in line with demand — if there was an endless supply, it would be worthless. In theory, at least.

  • Amount of Bitcoin (BTC) available: 21,000,000
  • Amount of Bitcoin (BTC) in circulation: 18,001,050
  • Amount of Bitcoin (BTC) left to be mined: 2,998,950

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So, what will happen after all 21,000,000 available Bitcoin have been unlocked? Well, Bitcoin Miners will no longer receive the substantial Block Rewards they're entitled to. Instead, they'll need to settle on Transaction Fees alone to remain dedicated to Bitcoin Mining. If they decide against it, the Transaction Time will increase dramatically.