Here's How Many Bitcoin There Are In Existence

There are 18,510,925 Bitcoin (BTC) in existence, as of July 26, 2020. Do the math and that's around 88.1% of the total number of Bitcoin that can ever exist (21,000,000) in the wild. Of this number, around 4,000,000 are believed to be lost, stored on Bitcoin Wallets that have been forgotten or misplaced.

Now, let's throw a little more context into the mix. When Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, they specified that there could never be more than 21,000,000 in existence. It's this restriction that will regulate the value of Bitcoin, in line with demand — if there was an endless supply, it would be worthless. In theory, at least.

How Many Bitcoin Are There?

  • Amount of Bitcoin (BTC) available: 21,000,000
  • Amount of Bitcoin (BTC) in circulation: 18,510,925
  • Amount of Bitcoin (BTC) left to be mined: 2,489,075

Fortunately, taking home one of the 2,489,075 Bitcoin left to be mined isn't difficult. We recommend using a Plug-and-Play Bitcoin Miner like the Coinmine One. This way all you have to do is wait for it to arrive, hook it up to the Internet, then leave it to do its thing — no building or programming required. It's by far the easiest way to mine Bitcoin.

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So, what will happen after all 21,000,000 available Bitcoin have been unlocked? Well, Bitcoin Miners will no longer receive the substantial Block Rewards they're entitled to. Instead, they'll need to settle on receiving smaller Transaction Fees. This means it will take longer and be harder to amass a significant Bitcoin Balance (1 BTC+).

What's more interesting, though, is what will happen to the value: Analysts expect it to surge. So if you manage to mine a whole Bitcoin, worth $9980 at the time of writing, it could be worth ten times that, if not more, a half-decade or so down the line. It's this surge that will encourage Bitcoin Miners to continue mining for Transaction Fees.

The Coinmine One will continue to function long after all the remaining Bitcoin have been mined, raking in Transaction Fees. It can also be set to mine various Altcoins, like Ethereum (ETH) and Handshake (HNS). This means you can start amassing other Cryptocurrency at the same time in the hope that they too will climb with Bitcoin.

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It's not as unlikely as you would think, either. Coin Predictor has spotted a correlation between the value of Bitcoin and of Altcoins: When the value of Bitcoin changes, so does the value of the Altcoins — though not necessarily by the same amount. This doesn't ring true for all Altcoins, but there are some that are certainly influenced by Bitcoin.

Best of all, we'll take any Bitcoin or Ethereum you mine using your Coinmine and throw in some interest. We call this Coinmine Interest. Just keep it in as a balance in your Coinmine Wallet for at least a month and we'll start lumping it on, starting at 6.5% APR, compounding monthly.