How Many Bitcoin Wallets Are There? More Than You Think

There are 42,000,000 Bitcoin Wallets, with most adopters spreading their funds across multiple to keep them as safe as can be, according to data obtained by Statista. This includes both Cold Wallets like the Ledger Nano S, where funds are stored offline, and Hot Wallets like Coinbase Wallet, where funds are stored online.

This doesn't mean that 42,000,000 people use Bitcoin, though. Quite the opposite, actually. Rather,  is the total number of Bitcoin Wallets in existence and since each user has more than one, the total number of adopts would need to be less than half. Right? That's what Bitcoin Market Journal says, predicting around 25,000,000 users.

This article is an installment in our brand new Bitcoin 101 series — a set of articles dedicated to answering all of your most basic Bitcoin-related questions and queries, including where to spend Bitcoin, how to mine Bitcoin, how to spend Bitcoin using a Visa debit card, and the safest and easiest way to convert Bitcoin to USD