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What Is Zcash Mining? How To Mine Zcash

Here's a fun fact: You can load up on Zcash (ZEC) without purchasing it from an exchange. Sure, some financial investment is required, but turn to Mining and you can snag ZEC for a fraction of its market value. To do that, though, you will need to invest in a Zcash Miner (also known as a Zcash Mining Rig) — a small computer loaded with all the hardware needed to mine.

What Is Zcash Mining?

Before we turn our attention to the best Zcash Miner, we ought to look at Zcash Mining as a principal, touching on what it is and how it works. In a nutshell, all transactions sent through a Cryptocurrency rely on a network of computers to solve a small computational process to confirm it's legitimate before the funds are made available to the recipient and the transaction is logged.

So, how does that earn you money? Well, when a Miner — a computer dedicated to Mining — solves the aforementioned computational process, the Miner (this time referring to the person behind the computer) is credited a small transaction fee in the same Cryptocurrency the transaction is based in; the more processes solved, the more transaction fees earned.

What Is A Zcash Miner?

A Zcash Miner, is a computer that's been built for the sole purpose of Mining. They're designed to be kept independent from a standard computer system, in order to benefit from the full processing power on board, and often run streamlined Operating Systems that aren't full of unnecessary bulk — they Mine, and that's it. No Google Chrome. No Twitter. Nothing. You just fire it up and let it work its magic.

What Is The Best Zcash Miner?

Just as is the case with Bitcoin, The best Zcash Miner is the Coinmine One. Why? Because it's simple, efficient, quiet, and feature-packed. Seriously, a Coinmine emits less sound than an AC and pulls less power than a PlayStation. Try to find another Mining Rig that can live up to the same claims, let alone one that can flight between different Cryptocurrency in a second.

We aren't kidding — should you decide you no longer want to mine Bitcoin, you also have the option to mine a different Cryptocurrency, with the list including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Monero (XMR). Want to switch back to Zcash? No problem — just fire up the Coinmine application for Android and iOS, and you can flick between them as and when you wish.