What Is The Largest Bitcoin Transaction Ever Made?

Transaction fees aside, the best thing about Bitcoin is the fact it's based on the Blockchain. This means that all transactions can be monitored by anyone, anywhere — so tracking down the largest Bitcoin transaction ever made wasn't hard at all.

The largest Bitcoin transaction was made in 2015, for the massive sum of 500,000 BTC. At the time, the transaction was equivalent to $100 million. Now, it's valued at around $5 billion. Don't believe us? You can view the transaction on the Blockchain right here.

Before that, the largest transaction recorded to date had been for 195,000 BTC in 2013. When sent, it had a value of $147 million. It's now worth somewhere in the region of $2 billion. The best bit? The transaction had a note attached, reading: "Sh*t Load of Money."

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Then, just last week, a huge transaction was made for 94,500 BTC — valued at a little more than $1 billion. Interestingly, the sender only had to pay $700 in Transaction Fees (and obviously there was no regulation as to how much could be moved at one time).

Being anonymous, it's impossible to say who made the three transactions. However, many believe that the second was made by either Richard Brandson (Virgin Airlines had just started accepting Bitcoin at the time), Satoshi Nakamoto, or a Miner unifying funds.