The Coinmine OverClocker: More Coin. Less Power.

Introducing the Coinmine OverClocker, our biggest over-the-air upgrade yet.

MineOS, our operating system that powers every Coinmine, works like a Tesla’s OS. Over the air updates allow us to continually improve your Coinmine device with no work or cost for you. The Coinmine OverClocker update is actually a lot like a Tesla update.

OverClocker Upgrade

- 30% less energy consumed by your Coinmine One

- 3.5% increase in hashing power 

- less heat

- less noise

That means you make more crypto with less energy.

Every single GPU (even of the same make and model) is slightly different due to minor variations in each chip’s silicon. This means that, traditionally, optimizing a GPU is an in-person and manual process of trial-and-error searching for specific overclocking and undervolting settings for every single GPU you use for mining. We’ve developed a way to do this in real-time and over-the-air. That means even after your Coinmine has shipped from the factory, we can continue to improve it remotely.

We’ve done over the air updates before to add Bitcoin to the Coinmine One and to bring new coins like Grin to the Coinmine One before they are even on exchanges. We'll keep improving MineOS with new protocols, services, features and upgrades. We've got several more planned for this year. 

We designed and engineered the Coinmine One to be the easiest to use product in crypto. Over-the-air updates to MineOS help make that possible.