What Does Bitcoin Look Like? Nothing, Really

George Washington is the face of the $1 bill, Alexander Hamilton on the $10, Andrew Jackson on the $20, Ulysses S. Grant on the $50, and Benjamin Franklin on the $100. So, who's on Bitcoin? Well, nobody. This is because Bitcoin is what's known as a Cryptocurrency — a virtual currency that lives on electronic devices — thus Bitcoin is intangible; it's nothing more than code, consisting of alphanumeric sequences.

That's right — there's no coinage here. You can't stroll into a shop and hand over a nickel with Bitcoin. Instead, if you want to spend money in the brick-and-mortar world you have two choices: You can either transfer the funds from your Bitcoin Wallet to the merchants, which could take a little bit of time, or you always have the option to register for a Bitcoin Debit Card that will let you spend your Bitcoin Balance anywhere, anytime.

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