What Is A Plug-And-Play Bitcoin Miner? How To Mine Bitcoin Fast

Plug-and-Play is a term that's thrown around an awful lot, but what exactly does it mean? Exactly what it says  just plug in the hardware and it's good to go. To that end, a Plug-and-Play Bitcoin Miner is a Mining Rig that requires minimal setup.

As such, it should come as no surprise that Plug-and-Play Bitcoin Miners — like the Coinmine One — are the fastest solution to start mining Bitcoin. It's often also the most cost-effective, with Plug-and-Play units costing a lot less than most bespoke solutions.

However, the main reason one ought to go with a Plug-And-Play Bitcoin Miner over something more unique is for the sheer level of convenience they bring to the table; they're designed to be sold at the consumer-level, so they're often as simple as can be.

Again, take the Coinmine One as an example. It's configured and controlled from a mobile application (available for Android and iOS), which lets you view your balance, monitor progress, and even switch the Cryptocurrency you're mining — all on the move.

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Since they're aimed at the average consumer looking to venture into a new market, and not experts with the wherewithal to create their own solution that's better suited to their specific needs, Plug-and-Play products also to tend be a lot more efficient.

A Coinmine One emits less sound than an AC and requires less power than a PlayStation, for example. They're also, Coinmine included, designed to function in a specific way that'll see them blend into the background, requiring as little maintenance as possible.

Just think of a Plug-and-Play Bitcoin Miner as a Lamborghini Aventador and a bespoke offering as a modified 220-MPH V12 Toyota Supra. The latter may be faster, but it's the former that's going to be the more practical, convenient, and efficient of the two.