Where Can You Spend Bitcoin? A Look At The Places You Can Spend BTC

You've stocked up on Bitcoin (BTC). The next thing you'll want to do is spend it, but with Cryptocurrency being a relatively new form of tender, finding a retailer that accepts it can be a bit of a challenge. So, where exactly can you spend Bitcoin? 

That's where we, the lovable team at Coinmine come in, for we've rounded up all of the most reputable retailers in the United States that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, with the list including everything from Cheap Air and Microsoft, to Newegg and Subway.

Where Can You Spend Bitcoin?

    Cheap Air

    Planning a trip to the West Coast for Fourth of July? Cheap Air will let you pay for your flight using Bitcoin, as well as any options you decide to add on, like car rentals and hotels. To date, it's processed more than $5,000,000 worth of Bitcoin transactions.


    We're reputable and accept Bitcoin, so why shouldn't we make the cut? Our oft-raved-about Coinmine One is more of an investment than a spontaneous purchase, earning you Cryptocurrency from the second it's all up and running. Sold? Order yours here.


    Being able to pay for a new mattress with Bitcoin may not seem like that big of a deal, but it represents mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrency, paving the way for major household retailers, like Target, to participate in the Cryptocurrency revolution.


    In the market for a new Xbox game? You can use Bitcoin to pay for it through the Xbox Store. Just add enough Bitcoin to cover the purchase to your Microsoft account by following the steps outlined on the manufacturer's website, then you'll be good to go. 


    This isn't one that's bound to appeal to the masses, but Namecheap, one of the most reliable domain registrars and hosting platforms out there, accepts Bitcoin as a payment option for every product on its website. That's right even rolling contracts.


    If you reside in the United States, chances are you've heard of Newegg, the online consumer electronics retailer that stocks laptops, PCs, TVs, and just about everything else you could imagine. And guess what? It lists Bitcoin as a valid payment method.


    Select Subway stores in the United States — it's a franchise, so it's down to the owner to decide whether to accept it or not — will hand over your Italian B.M.T in exchange for a few Satoshis, the name assigned to each unit of Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).

    Can You Spend Bitcoin In Stores?

    Here's a fun fact: You can actually spend Bitcoin at any store, online or in person, regardless of whether it accepts it — so long as it takes Visa debit cards. Just order a Coinbase Card, and you'll be able to pay using your Coinbase balance anywhere, anytime.

    You can, for example, use the sixteen-digit card number to pay for goods on Amazon using Bitcoin stored in your Coinbase account, pop the Coinbase Card itself into a reader in a brick-and-mortar store to pay using Chip and PIN, or tap it for Contactless.

    Can You Withdraw Bitcoin In Cash?

    What do you do in the rare event the retailer you're shopping at doesn't accept Bitcoin or a Visa-issued debit card? Your only remaining option is to look at Coin ATM Radar to track down your nearest Bitcoin ATM, then convert some Bitcoin into cold, hard cash.

    A word of warning, though: Bitcoin ATMs are far from cheap, lumping on extortionate fees for the convenience of exchanging Bitcoin into a fiat currency, without having to route it through an exchange like Coinbase, before withdrawing it to your bank account. 

    With that in mind, we wouldn't recommend using a Bitcoin ATM unless you absolutely need to. Still, it's nice to know you can convert digital funds into tangible ones in a matter of seconds, should you find yourself in a situation where cash is the only option.